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The Supreme Life of Rosalie Abella

Just have to rhapsodize — what an incredible day we’ve had, a sunny 20 degrees on March 13 — so very wrong, and yet what pleasure it gives. Sam came over and we worked in the garden, pruning, raking, the kind of cleanup I usually don’t do till the end of April. The birds are going mad, flowers are pushing up — we all desperately hope there won’t be a frost or a snowfall to dampen their enthusiasm. And ours.

This afternoon I spoke with my friend Penny in Liverpool, planning our jaunt together in mid-April – Penny is going to drive me around Northamptonshire, where my English relatives were all from. Research. She says it’s cold and raining and has been for months and hopes it’s over by the time I get there. Me too, Penny.

I watched a fabulous documentary the other night on PBS: Without Precedent: the supreme life of Rosalie Abella. What an extraordinary and inspiring woman — the child of Holocaust survivors, born in a displaced persons camp after the war, who worked with ceaseless dedication to become a judge on the Supreme Court of Canada. She helped to bring in the legalization of gay marriage and MAID, among many other liberal measures, effectively transforming this country for the better. And all, while in a supremely happy, mutually fulfilling, longterm marriage to Irving Abella, a writer and academic.

I told this story here a few months ago — I went to the memorial event for Peter Herrndorf, a major player in the arts in this country, a man who knew everyone. Rosalie was one of the speakers, and the best, moving, honest, funny, and very warm. After, I saw her at the gathering and went to tell her I thought her eulogy was perfect. She turned pink and beamed. “Really? You think so? I’m glad to hear it, thank you.” Imagine, a Supreme Court judge, so humble.

Highly recommended.

Yesterday I rode my bike to the bank five minutes away at Dundas and Regent Street to deposit a student’s cheque. Not long after I left, gunfire erupted on that very corner; two people were killed and one injured. If I’d gone a bit later …


A student who gave Midlife Solo to a friend of hers just sent the friend’s comments. Thanks to them both!

I have thoroughly enjoyed the stories. Loved the fascination with the Beatles! So many of her experiences resonate as she describes her experiences as a young woman, along with the greater understanding of her parental relationships as she ages.

Thanks again for the gift of Mid Life Solo. A truly enjoyable and funny read. Should you be aware of any further readings she may be having, I’d appreciate hearing about them.

Will do!



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