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“The Good Place”

Last night was a Monday in January, and I was not teaching. I’ve been teaching on Monday nights January through March for many years. This term, my course is being taught by the estimable Sarah Sheard. It felt good but odd to be taking a break. I’m back in May.

Still, upstairs, shouts in Cantonese. The job of rewiring my house is, of course, taking much longer than the electricians expected. It’s 5 p.m. on the third day and they’re still wrestling upstairs, pounding and drilling, with more tomorrow. However, soon I will have the perkiest, prettiest wires of any house in town.

I’m getting used to it now – the disruption, noise, mess, teams of men hither and yon. C’est la vie. C’est la renovation. It’ll go on and on – and then, as my friend Valerie assures me, like childbirth, once it’s over, I’ll forget the pain.

Finished “The Business of Being a Writer,” by Jane Friedman. Intimidating. I wonder when younger writers, who are busy building a platform and being visible on social media and being “good literary citizens,” have time to write. This is a problem. But I’ve taken notes and will do my best to be a good literary citizen, ancient scribbler though I am.

On Sunday, I heard an interview on CBC radio’s “Tapestry” with Michael Schur, creator of a TV series called “The Good Place,” which I’d never heard of. He talked about being positive and uncynical, and the show sounded interesting. Wayson came for dinner, and after, we watched FIVE episodes of “The Good Place” on Netflix. Entertaining and even important – it takes place in heaven (or, I gather, not) and though absurd, it’s about what it takes to be a good person, among other things, while making us laugh.

Today – a special treat, my friends. I went to see my beloved psychiatrist, the one person in the world who is always, 100%, on my side. Yes, I pay her for it, but still, she listens and she’s there and I thank the great lord in the skies above that she’s still practicing and I can see her once or twice a year. A check up. Yes, still sane, relatively. Still functioning, more or less. Onward.

My backyard is surreal – full of insulation. My grandsons would like to bounce on it, I’m sure. See how green, in January?! An amazing winter so far.

The electricians discovered this in the floorboards – part of an Ontario license plate from 1925.



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