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later that same day …

There were many thousands marching, paralyzing the downtown core of our fine city. Anna and I have been on many marches together; this was perhaps the tenth? And Eli’s third or fourth, and there will

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Meanwhile, this morning in Parkdale …

I’m setting off soon for Queen’s Park to join my young climate activists for Toronto’s march. Was awake in the night with nightmares about this election – what can I DO to help ensure the

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Adam Gopnick

You’ll be happy to know my bike Marilyn now has two beautiful new wheels. The bike repair guy said someone else came in the same day, from the same area, with a vandalized bike. It’s

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curses on you, wheel thief!

Parked my bike near Sherbourne right on Carlton Street and went to lunch today with two theatre world friends, Allan Stratton and Norman Browning. Norman is an actor with whom I worked quite a bit,

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forward and back

It’s hot – hot hot hot, and it feels especially blessed because we know it won’t last. Heavenly. Nobody, not one single person, is complaining about the heat. Yesterday I “unfriended” someone I knew many

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Bill Morneau comes to call

How often does this happen? My doorbell rang and there was Canada’s Finance Minister wanting to talk to me. And we stood talking for 15 minutes – he perhaps relieved at a sympathetic reception –

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the life of a writer and the Exodus

This is I think a first – it’s Word on the Street, and I’m at home, will not be trekking around listening to writers and trying to claw my way through the crowds in the

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The Band’s Visit

Months ago, I was thrilled to see that the musical The Band’s Visit, which I’d tried to see in NYC but was sold out, was coming to Toronto. I bought a ticket for this Saturday’s

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Trudeau’s Blackfacegate: moving right along

You know me – I’m going to wade right in about Blackfacegate. I’ve spent two days defending Trudeau on FB, as people I consider friends, people on the left, howl in outrage. Maybe it’s because

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mother-in-law in the sun

Beautiful days, what a blessing – hot, gorgeous. Tho’ cooler in the evening, there’s nothing but sun predicted for the next while. Yesterday I just couldn’t sit at the desk opening dusty old letters, had

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