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at the beach

Yesterday, heaven – a bike ride with Jean-Marc and Richard to get the 5.30 ferry and then to Hanlan’s beach. We swam in the lake, we ate a delicious gourmet meal, we walked and swam again. It’s an interesting place, because where we were was right next to the clothing optional beach, where many men and women were unselfconsciously naked. So unCanadian.

 But first – may I introduce you, again, to my roses of Sharon, with whom I’m a little in love? Who was Sharon, anyway?

Hello, beautifuls.

My handsome and erudite neighbour keeping in touch with the world. See that group behind him? It turned out to be a group of bartenders and servers on their day off, barbecuing and playing in the water and having a good time. Among them was a very tall decorated young man who happened to be my son.

Another handsome neighbour, also keeping in touch.

On the ferry home. The one on your left will become a senior citizen on Saturday. I know – unbelievable, right?

My city.

A word about JM and Richard, who are the best friends and neighbours anyone could ask for. They animate our whole block, making friends with everyone, helping people garden and clean up; they care. About children, too – they have a Tickle Trunk in their house, with gifts for any kids who happen to visit. Just good human beings – and, may I say at the risk of embarrassing them, they have one of the best couple relationships I’ve ever witnessed; though they’re so different, they accept each others’ foibles with tolerance and humour, and give love to each other and to the world. I’m grateful to know them.


A happy marriage is the union of two good forgivers. -Robert Quillen, journalist and cartoonist (1887-1948) 

From my son’s FB page:
The best part of any staff beach party, besides all the drinking and bbqing and swimming…. Is when your mother and her friends are 15 feet away, just by chance, doing the same. Beth Kaplan you are the fucking best.



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