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It’s almost midnight, and as I always do, I am asking myself, WHY? Why do I watch it every year? To see pretty women and dresses and handsome men, yes, and also because occasionally, there’s a meaningful moment. I’ve never forgotten when a documentary about Anne Frank won, and the heroic woman who discovered the diary was there in the audience and was honoured.

But I have to say that tonight’s show was just about the worst ever. In the interests of trying to attract a new generation, the producers have abased the event just about as far as it can go, don’t you think? Really, the hosts calling to their families in the audience? James Franco, you may be adorable, but could you have been more graceless? Anne Hathaway, stunning in one great dress after another, working hard, but like a girl at a slumber party, not the host of a grand old occasion. The best films mean something, but you’d never know it from the antics tonight. Missed Jon Stewart, missed Billy Crystal, missed Hugh Jackman. And while we’re at it, let’s not let actresses sing, okay? There are people called singers. And what was the thing about the presenters bickering with each other? Was that meant to be funny? It just made Mila what’s her name and Jude Law look awfully bitchy.
The exception to the banality – of course – was the documentary award to “Inside Job,” and the producer pointing out that not a single financial crook has been imprisoned.
Otherwise – well, it was great that the director honoured his mother; Colin Firth is as handsome as it gets, except for Javier Bardem, so utterly delicious and joyful. I’m sorry Geoffrey Rush didn’t win, or the Canadian film Incendies. I’m sorry Annette Bening didn’t win, after all those nominations. Natalie Portman was very nice to mention every single person who worked on her film. Loved the little kids at the end, though that was like a community playhouse finale, not the Oscars.
The most elegant gracious person in the entire event was Helen Mirren. True aristocracy. Halle Berry was pretty wonderful too.
I did my ironing while I watched, like Cinderella; I switched to PBS and TCM during the commercials, and then I read 4 magazines. And I still feel that I wasted my time. But at least I didn’t miss anything. Or did I?



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