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The Effect – and another birthday

Tomorrow I will turn 73. 73! When I think that 64 was Paul McCartney’s idea of extreme old age when he was a young composer … and now he’s 81, just announced a big tour

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rainy Saturday

No riding to the market this morning — it’s pouring and will rain all day. Good for the garden, and good for work. I’m proofing the Midlife Solo manuscript and meeting with my young tech

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The pleasures of Write in the Garden

Ten writers in my garden for the whole day yesterday. I feel a huge responsibility for them all, to make sure they’re comfortable through the day, encouraged in their writing and in their bonds with

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The joy of stress. Not.

Yesterday, my blog vanished. Chris called from Gabriola Island to tell me the page was blank, and so it was. Nothing. I contacted the site developer and the hosting site, and eventually,  it reappeared, but

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friendship at soccer camp

The other day, a welcome view of Canada, on a soccer field. I went on Thursday to get the boys from their free day camp, get them home, make them pasta, and take them to

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Olivia Chow and me

Can’t write much, various crises here, no time for thought. However, this pleasure: yesterday morning, up at 6.45 to leave at 7.30 with Jean-Marc, to ride downtown. We met a big group of Cycle TO

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burning the candle of memory

Another of those days when I feel overwhelmed by everything I have to do, should be doing, must do. Most importantly, it seems the proofs of Midlife Solo will arrive soon and need to be

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letter to disgraced architects Diamond Schmitt

I sent this yesterday to the architectural firm of Diamond Schmitt, a once highly regarded firm now frantically trying to justify their work on the Ford government’s ill-conceived, senseless, destructive spa idea. Will they listen?

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The Colour of Ink

Lots of people have been writing to ask why I stopped blogging on June 21. Sorry, readers — that’s when the new website was uploaded, and though my blog subscribers were supposed to be migrated

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