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Inside Out, Carol Goar, Michael Coren – Joy

Wow. I’ve just seen a very fine film that features a talking pink elephant made of cotton candy, an imaginary friend who cries sweeties and is named Bingbong. I’ve just seen Pixar’s “Inside Out.” With

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Luminato’s Apocalypsis

Surely this weekend must break some kind of record for rain and chill, for June. However, as I tried to get around the paralyzed city today, it was clear that the Pride festivities were undampened.

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Why I broke up with fiction to write a memoir

Here’s an essay by a writer exploring the challenge of chronicling her own life and deciding whether to write it as fiction or non-fiction. And, yes, she came down, IMHO, on the right side. An

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blessings in the rain

Thursday night I went to see “The Audience,” the National Theatre Live event, at Cineplex, Helen Mirren as the Queen and a large cast as her Prime Ministers from Churchill to Cameron – so so

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detached empathy

House guests from Vancouver, mother and daughter, wonderful women – such a pleasure to talk about the importance of keeping the Haida language alive and the future of salmon. Not things I usually think about

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Luminato’s Contemporary Colour

Who knew? I encountered a new world tonight – the world of Colour Guard at the Luminato show that opened tonight, Contemporary Color. (This is Canada, I groused, it should be Contemporary Colour. But most

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bike paths and Luminato’s penises

Heavenly day – really summer, on the Summer Solstice – hot, bright and breezy. The city is exploding with festivals and activities, so it was a good day for a long bike ride. I went

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Dad’s day

This is my dad in his work attire – about as formal as he got. He never owned a suit, just jackets and pants with an occasional tie if strictly necessary. I think this is his

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summer weekend afternoon

So  sad – “the wedding of Julie and David, Aug. 25, 1995” – a skilfull original drawing from someone who loved them very much. On sale for $50 at Doubletake. I guess Julie and David,

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