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Wrestling Jerusalem

Still sad. Still scared. Yes, the man had a meeting with the NYT, trying to win them over with his charm and wit. Ha. Yes, there’s magnificent analytical writing pouring out from newspapers, magazines, on-line, and perhaps this horror will galvanize lefties young and old to re-engage with the political process in a serious way. That would be good.

But in the meantime, what damage will be done to the planet? Unimaginable.

Also, it’s November, true November now, grey and chilly, leaves showering down not to mention the rain, plants fading. Nature closing down for now, and my soul feels like doing the same. It won’t, but still… My daughter and grandsons were over all day yesterday – their apartment was being sprayed for cockroaches – and I realize, they too, these beloved boys, like their mother and uncle, will grow up to be grown-ups whose choices I hardly understand.

Also – it’s the memoir, this next draft, the problems, the issues, what’s wrong, why doesn’t it work, maybe it’s just that I’m a lousy writer and should give up. Yesterday, talking to my colleague, prize-winning novelist Cordelia Strube, at the Ryerson open house – we were both there to meet potential students – listening to her complain about the Writer’s Trust Gala, a fancy dinner she had to attend, sitting at a table with rich people anxious to meet and talk to a writer, she all dressed up eating filet mignon. She hated it. It sounds like heaven to me. I have never been invited and probably never will be – yo, Cinderella here, sitting in my rags, dreaming of the Writer’s Trust Gala.


Okay, snap out of it. Here’s something great to share with you: Wrestling Jerusalem, at the Berkeley – a thrilling one man show about a Jewish writer, Aaron Davidman, going to Israel to try to figure out the situation and offer a balanced report. He talks to many people there, both Jewish and Palestinian, whom he brings to life for us. The play shows the depth of passion, the fear and resentment, the enormous love its people have for the place, the intractability of the problem on both sides. It’s stirring and beautifully acted – his accents and body changes are instantaneous and bring all his interlocutors vividly to life. An excellent piece of theatre. If only Trump and Pence could see it. Trump apparently told the NYT he’ll bring peace to the Middle East. This show would elucidate him about a few of the centuries-old problems.

But then, elucidation is not his thing.

Off this afternoon to meet Ken to see a documentary, Quebec my country mon pays, about the changes in Quebec, and then dinner. If anything can cheer me up in today’s gloom, it’s Ken’s sunny smile.



4 Responses to “Wrestling Jerusalem”

  1. beth says:

    Woo hoo! And a speech by NYC Mayor de Blasio along the same lines. We will rise again.

  2. Write fiction – they get the best dinners.

  3. beth says:

    Thanks, Chris. You're right. But unfortunately, there's not much I can do about my bent and calling. So dinnerless I shall be.

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