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a touch of gloom

Bruth accused me once of being too perky in my blog posts, of always emphasizing the positive to the detriment of credibility. So I’m here to tell you, honestly, that I’ve had a dark few days. An issue arose in the family that has kept me awake at night. Not to mention fretting about the future of my country.

And perhaps I was hit by the beginning of my teaching life, four new classes started this week plus four one on one coaching clients, a sudden onrush of responsibilities that I take to heart.

So – overwhelmed and, yes, a bit sad. The gloomy weather didn’t help – yesterday was beautiful, today is back to mild but grey and wet. They tell us we’ll have a “sizzling summer” to make up for the freezing spring. A bit of climate moderation, how about that?
To cheer me up, an article in the “Star” – Claude Stanley Choules, the last known combat veteran of WW1, has died in Australia at the age of 110. The article said he didn’t like to “fuss over his achievements, which included a 41-year military career and the publication of his first book at the age of 108.”
All right Claude! And I thought Diana Athill was breaking records, with her best-seller at 92. So the message here, writers, is: it’s never too late to push your words out into the world.
To counter that, however, another article points out that since the last survey of “accountability, integrity and the democratic process” done by Global Integrity, a Washington-based research group, Canada has dropped from 11th to 19th place. Syria was at the bottom. We have a way to go to drop to Syrian levels, but still, we’re on a downward slide … not a happy thought.
A savvy, outspoken left-wing friend told me yesterday to cheer up, that the outcome of the election was fine. “Harper has already been governing as if he has a majority, so that won’t change,” she said. “Jack’s NDP will burn out because he’s not really interested in anything but power, and before the next election, the Liberals will have time to get their act together and find a true leader.”
I feel better already.



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  1. Happy walker says:

    visited here with a smile… take care always… =D

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