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Beautiful boys.

One of those times yesterday when all that matters is drawing breath and thanking the heavens – and eating eggplant curry. My adult children and grandson came over, we ordered Indian takeout, the young mother had a snooze while uncle and Glamma looked after a very energetic baby, who flaps his arms madly as if trying to fly. He scoots on the floor now, but only backwards. When they left, my living room was trashed, and my heart was in flight too.

I had to check the “Globe” today – yes, the obituary is still in. My mother must really be gone. It’s so strange to see that familiar beautiful face on that particular page, in a field of strangers. I read all the other obits with interest and sympathy – so much family, left behind. More notes from friends, arriving hourly – including, this morning, a friend from Grade 13 whom I haven’t seen in years and who’ll be coming to the memorial, moving slowly because she has just had a hip replacement.

And I have a booking for my parathyroid ultrasound the week after next – apparently it takes four hours, they inject something into your neck and then you have to wait till it turns blue. Or something like that. I asked if I could leave during the 4 hours and she said she thought so, so I think I’ll go hang out at the Bay.

On another note, I read a bit in the paper yesterday about the evils of sitting around doing nothing. Every hour of watching TV, it said, takes 20 minutes off your life. I don’t watch much as it is, but I’ll be even more careful with my choices from now on. Incidentally, my 89-year old mother didn’t lose many of those 20 minute segments; she mostly watched tennis. And anything British.

And there was a notice in the Star about a “casino consultation website” – You only have until January 25 to fill out the questionnaire and let them know what you think of their @##@@# casino.

Now, out into the snow. I have to pack for Florida; can’t imagine what 70 degrees feels like, even in the rain.



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