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The Ocean at the End of the Lane

8.15 a.m. A loud cicada zinging like a high wire, a squirrel gnawing, my fingers pattering, and that’s it for noise. For now. No, my stomach growling too. Breakfast is needed. Now that it’s winding

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details about my memoir classes

Remember the poet Mary Oliver’s words:“Instructions for living a life.Pay attention.Be astonished.Tell about it.” If you want help learning how to tell about it, my memoir classes start soon.  True to Life at Ryerson, CWWR

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Raccoon feet! All over my new deck sofa!  Eating at the beach restaurant with Mr. Hummus, who eats it with a spoon. And his entire face. A real beach! In Toronto! But you can’t swim.

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reading about writing

First, and most importantly, thanks to Chris Cameron for pointing out that Peter Piper picked a PECK of pickled peppers, not a pint. Once, children, a “peck” was a meaningful measurement. In England, they still

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summer going going …

A moment of contrasts – it’s 7 p.m., dark and cool with torrential rain, and my mouth is on fire. Picked some peppers – not a pint, not even close, and not pickled, but my

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It’s 11.30 p.m.; my neighbour must be away, because her teenagers are in her yard having a party. Oh how the swearing, shrieking and giggles take me back to the dissolute adolescence of my own

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love that rain

Heaven – it’s dark at 10 a.m. and pouring with rain. Great for the garden, and great for the writer who is not tempted by the sun. I missed Buskerfest this weekend, a free music

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the joy of work

Woke up this morning to see a raccoon climbing up the ivy on the wall outside my window, going home to bed after a night of marauding. Not in Mexico any more. The weather is

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Elmore Leonard, Modern Prose Master, Noted For His Terse Prose Style And For Writing About Things Perfectly And Succinctly With A Remarkable Economy Of Words, Unfortunately And Sadly Expired This Gloomy Tuesday At The Age Of 87 Years Old

Can’t manage to upload the link, but please copy, paste and open this. It’s a hilarious article from the Onion about the death of the great Elmore Leonard.,33559/

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