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Celebrating sunshine

 I’m sitting outside on the little deck outside my office with no coat on, and I’m hot! A glorious day. The snow is melting and our spirits are rising. Of course our incompetent provincial government doesn’t help; they’ve at last announced that people over 80 will start to be vaccinated – in the middle of March. People my age maybe May? June? Whatevs, as they say. 

Nice things: I just got my cheque from Public Lending Rights – the library paying us for our books, what a gift. And since the library wrote to let me know they’ve ordered three hard copies of Loose Woman, the cheque will be bigger next year. Thank you, Canada. 

Then a director wrote from California to say he loved Finding the Jewish Shakespeare and wants to correspond about my work and his. My actor friend Richard Fowler, whom Bruce and I visited in 2014 in his village in the hills above the town of Positano, wrote to say he has downloaded the memoir audiobook. Richard has severely bad eyesight, which is a terrible irony since his house boasts the best view in the world — the whole Amalfi coast high over the Mediterranean. 

Bruce and our host in front of Richard’s house. If for no other reason than the fact that Richard is able to access the book that way, I’m glad I made the audiobook. 

Something important last week: as I lay in bed at 4 a.m. doing my fretting thing – professional failures, personal ones too – a voice emerged from the darkness. And that voice said, “LET IT FUCKING GO!” Wise words: Let it fucking go. And I resolved to do that. I printed it out and it’s tacked in front of my desk. 

A few days later, I realized that on the nights I lie awake at night, I sleep in, sometimes till 9.30 a.m., and so the morning vanishes. That night I said sternly to myself, No matter how you sleep, you need to wake up at 8.15 tomorrow. And I did. That day, I bought an alarm clock which is permanently set for 8.15. But I have not needed it; I wake automatically. The mind is an amazing tool. 

So I’m getting more done. The article I sent to the Star vanished, so I need to try somewhere else. I’m working on other articles. The classes are wonderful. My kids seem to be thriving. I know, I’m asking for trouble, listing these positive things. Onward.

If you want some joy in your life, find the song “Jerusalema” and learn the dance that goes with it. I suggested it to Gina and now we do it during line dancing; I hope to teach my grandsons and family so we can all do it. People are dancing to it around the world – an easy dance and a fabulous song. There are too many example online to choose one; pick any and off you go. 

Here’s the full moon last night through my ceiling skylight, a lamp, a beacon, a friend. 



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