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BK yammering on national radio

Life is full of surprises. Yesterday at Monique’s cottage, I sat on the deck watching my two friends set off for a preliminary exploration in the canoe when I checked my email. Monique does not have the internet – AAAGH! Withdrawal! – and it can be hard to access mail, but when I did, there was a note from a CBC producer in Toronto wanting to talk to me for a segment on, of course, writing memoir. We did a twenty-minute interview, and she asked if I’d be willing to answer more or less the same questions on a bunch of syndicated CBC programs the following afternoon.

Problem: we were supposed to leave the cottage in the afternoon. But it was supposed to rain all day today – and did – so Annie and Monique were happy to leave early enough to get me home in time for my CBC duties. From 3.20 to 6.07, I did short interviews with hosts from Toronto, Victoria, Sudbury, Kelowna, Whitehorse, London, and Regina, hoping to convince Canadians country-wide about the importance of memoir. 

Activated my actress self; I even drank tea with lemon and lots of honey beforehan for my throat, and Sarah the host in Kelowna said, “You have a beautiful voice.” Merci! Jean-Marc called immediately after the Toronto segment to tell me it went well. I hope it sells some books, and/or encourages people to take the course. 

It also looks like I’ll teach a memoir workshop at my beloved local library in the fall. Madame Memoir, at your service.

The cottage was a treat, with two dear friends in the sun by the water. Annie and Monique are both much more avid swimmers than I – I barely went in, whereas this morning, they even swam in the rain. Unimaginable. We canoed a bit, read and ate a lot, and talked really really a lot. I confess I’m a bit worn out by all the company; as someone who lives alone, I’m just not used to it. But the trip was a treat. What a gorgeous country we live in. How lucky we are. Have I said that before?

From the deck

Breakfast on Monique’s floating dock

Perhaps you can’t see them, but there are two big beaver dams on this inland lake.

I found this huge wild turkey feather; Annie’s holding it for the shot, but I’m keeping it. They’re apparently used for smudging ceremonies.

My lovely French hostess

Picked for our table.

I used the Merlin app to find out what birds were around, besides the jays, crows, and robins, and found the red-eyed vireo, Eastern phoebe, common yellowthroat, magnolia warbler, and ovenbird. I’ve never even heard of some of them. And, obviously, somewhere, a wild turkey shedding feathers. 

Was relieved when the interviews were over this evening and I could go out and prune the roses. Garden coming along well. The world, not so much. I couldn’t access the news for three days, but I gather to my sorrow that things are not substantially better anywhere. Still, I’m glad to be back in touch. Hello! 



2 Responses to “BK yammering on national radio”

  1. Isobel says:

    Hey Beth! I heard you on Up North, CBC Sudbury, from home here on Manitoulin! I didn't catch at first that it was you – your voice so mature! so professional! – and I was thinking: wow, another something about writing memoir. Everybody's talking about memoir these days. Then, hello!! it was you talking about writing memoir, of course! By that time the interview was almost over, but I got the gist… who better to discuss this than you! Well done, amiga!

  2. beth says:

    How great, Isobel! So far, now, I know that three people heard an interview. Mature and professional … hmmm, not so sure about that. Old and boring? Sending love your way.

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