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Mourning RBG, fear for what’s next

 NOOOOOOOOOOOO! That was the sound last night from millions of mouths when we heard about RBG. How could such a tiny slip of a woman matter so much to so many? Because she had a giant soul, a great mind, a fierce heart. I saw the documentary about her and came away with even more admiration for her work ethic, her lifelong devotion to her own family as well as to the causes she cared about, chief among them making the world more fair for women. 

And now the hideous situation south of us will grow even more ugly and divided. My only hope is that this galvanizes, more than ever, the Democratic base. Though, yes, it will also galvanize the other side. Someone on Bill Maher last night said, The extreme right doesn’t care about Trump’s failings because all that really matters to them are 3 things: abortion, guns, and Jesus. And they think Trump is their man. Even though, as was pointed out, the Dems have never said they’d impose severe restrictions on gun ownership or on religious practice, they are pro-abortion, no question, and destroying that is the rightwing cause. 

Hard to believe that a painful issue that’s been resolved in just about every other civilized country on earth is still so potent, raw, and explosive in the States. How did that happen? 

As those of you who’ve read my book know, I write about my own abortion, which happened at a time when I was lost and wild and crazy, and having a child would have been an utter disaster. Thank god – I thank god constantly, whoever he or she may be, for this – that in Canada I was able to have a safe and legal abortion. As I write in the book, It was a grave decision, and one about which I have not one moment of regret. 

There are already millions of hungry children in the world, many in your own country, there are children in cages you fucking hypocritical Republicans – and some rightwing Canadians too. Look after them, for Christ’s sake, feed and house and care for them before you destroy your country fighting for the unborn!

Bill Maher pointed out that authoritarian countries pretend to be democracies; they hold elections, but they’re meaningless, rigged. And right now the US is headed firmly in that direction, with massive voter suppression and other Republican tactics. Can this benighted country ever recover? Last night Bill and guests thought it’s possible it will not. And in a world with an authoritarian China ever rising and Europe ripped apart and in disarray – it’s a terrifying thought.



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