My new book “Midlife Solo” is now available.

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How to buy Midlife Solo

Dear friends, several people have written to ask how to actually buy the book. Since marketing is my least marketable skill, of course, I didn’t think of this.

You can order from the wonderful Ben McNally Books in downtown Toronto:

or from the publisher, Mosaic Press,

and they will be mailed to you. Soon, I assume you can order it from your local independent bookstore. And of course from the behemoth that shall not be named. But if possible, patronize a real live bookstore. The e-book will be out in a few weeks, and soon the library will stock it. Soon.

If you like the book, I ask that you please consider being on the Midlife Solo PR Team to help me spread the word. Word of mouth is one of the best ways to help a book thrive – could you find a way to tell a few friends how much you enjoyed the book? I love discussions with book club members, and this book is great book club material; do you have or know one? And PLEASE, reviews — review on Goodreads or Amazon (the book not listed yet but it will be soon) or send your words to me.

And if you don’t like it, please also let me know. Seriously — I want to learn what works and what doesn’t for my readers. I’ve never forgotten Mr. Mann, my Grade 13 English teacher at Lisgar Collegiate in Ottawa, scrawling across the top of an essay I was proud of, “A wordy concoction of pseudo-philosophy.” Worst review ever, at fifteen. But I sure was more careful with words and thought after that.

And remember, Christmas is coming! I will happily go in to sign books at Ben McNally’s if you want to send someone a dedicated, signed book.

It’s a chilly drizzly grey day. But my fridge is full of Prosecco, cheese, fruit, and meats for tonight; Sam, with his many years of expertise, is coming later to “plate” it all and then to greet arrivals at the bookstore door. Others – Monique, Anne-Marie, Diana, other Sam, Holly, and my Anna – are coming to help. This morning I actually had a manicure, thanks to the $30 gift certificate I won for third place in the Senior Women’s category of the Cabbagetown Mini-Marathon. I never get manicures because you can’t read while they’re happening. But for once, tonight, I will have shiny nails and pretend to be a grownup lady.

Just listed the book on Goodreads, though it’ll take a few days to be official. Here’s my page. (When switching publishers a few years ago, I tried to change the subtitle of All My Loving to one I thought is better, but it was too complicated. Even so, GR will not remove that never-published book.) Five books. Not Joyce Carol Oates, who has published 58 novels and much more, but then, my first book wasn’t published till I was 56. I’m just getting going.

Can’t wait for tonight. Stay tuned; I’m expecting postpartum depression tomorrow.

Or maybe euphoria.



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