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Macca, Companion of Honour, turns 75

Okay, what’s really important this weekend is that on Sunday, tomorrow, June 18, a certain Beatle turns 75. It’s also Father’s Day, and he is a much-loved father to his own 4 children and his adopted daughter Heather. And just in time, he was granted yet another huge honour by the British government – a Companion of Honour. “A companion of honour – an honour created in 1917 -can have no more than 65 members, so vacancies only arise on the death of a holder.” 

Half a century after the release of the Beatles’ Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band – now being celebrated in a festival across their native Liverpool – McCartney was jubilant. He said: “I’m very happy about this huge honour, and with the news coming on my birthday weekend and Father’s Day, it makes it colossal!”
He has been my very own Companion of Honour for over 50 years, since January 1964. Happy Birthday and mazel tov, my dear Macca.

One of my other great heroes, J.K. Rowling, also won the award. Brava, brilliant generous woman with a giant heart.

Another beautiful peaceful weekend, rain, sun, apparently severe thunderstorm and tornado warnings just outside the city but not here. Lots of planting this morning. Yesterday Anna and her gang arrived, after school; we went to the Wellesley St. splash pad where Eli got very wet and Ben ran in circles near the water but not in it. Ben never walks; he only runs, including into the road, so his mother is considering a leash, which I think is a great idea for her peace of mind. He moves so fast, it’s terrifying. Then they came here. David Sedaris once described a friend’s kids as “a wrecking crew of four” and that’s how my adored grandsons are,  a wrecking crew of two. No problem with that.

Hard to believe, as I stare out now at the lush green, the scores of frilly pink roses, the glorious white gardenia, that not far away, there is chaos and horror – that crazy Americans can now more easily buy guns, that a patently crazy man is the most powerful man in the world.

But Randy Bachman is celebrating Bob Dylan on his program right now, with Bob’s own voice and covers. Now Roseanne Cash is singing “You ain’t goin’ nowhere.” The roses, gardenia, and lavender, are also singing to me. And I am in heaven.

And more great news – Bruce is home. After a month in hospital in Ravenna after a stroke, he finally made it back to Vancouver yesterday. He’s in St. Paul’s Hospital receiving some very welcome Canadian health care. Welcome home, dear Brucie.



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