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your lord is risen

My Easter present to you – Ryan Gosling, Canadian extraordinaire, in a cuddly Gucci suit. As someone recently wrote, “Does this guy have any flaws?” Not to these ancient rheumy eyes. And here’s another cuddly

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the storytelling animal

If my mother hadn’t died, I’d be in Ottawa this weekend. We’d be cooking a dinner for my brother and his family, maybe my kids if they’d come, Auntie Do. I’d be fussing because Mum’s toppling

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endorphin patrol

Release is nigh! According to the weather site on-line, it’s 11 degrees outside, but according to my mother’s old  British thermometer hanging beside me here on the deck, it’s 75 degrees. It sure feels like

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the great E. B. White

You’ll be relieved to know that though I am listening to CBC radio, I am not at this time crying. My memoir, to be entitled “Sobbing to the CBC: the Beth Kaplan story.” No, Jian

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O happy

Listening to the meaty voice of Aretha – “A change is gonna come.” Tonight Randy Bachman’s show is on the spirit and whatever creator you believe in. And ten minutes ago, your correspondent was listening

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to the glory of J. S. Bach

Sound the trumpets, bang those keys, shout for joy – for today is one of the most blessed days in the history of humankind. On this day, in 1685, was born the magnificent, the sublime

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Spring forward

This is us in Toronto, today, on the first day of spring – it’s minus 3 with fresh snow and more expected. Sigh. Luckily, we’re Canadian and ready for whatever they throw at us. Including coyotes.

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that is the question

And … check out this little excerpt of a scientist’s talk about equality and inequality. It’s hilarious – and frighteningly relevant. 2 Monkeys Were Paid Unequally; See What Happens Next

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Stories stories stories

What an emotional day! I’ve hired Nicole, a friend of my daughter’s, to help me delve into the pile of my mother’s stuff, so we spent 3 hours sorting – the tip of the iceberg.

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Learning, as usual, from the CBC

Sitting in my kitchen with tears rolling down my cheeks – listening to Michael Enright’s “The Sunday Edition” on CBC, an interview with Sonali Deraniyagala, author of the book “Wave.” Sonali was on vacation with her

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