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Toronto Beatles fest in August and Joan Baez

In the wouldntcha know department: I’ve never rented a summer cottage before, but this year I did, through the friend of a friend, a week in Haliburton for Anna, the kids and me. I took one of the two weeks they had left, thinking – mid-August, what happens in mid-August? Nothing!

Wrong. The city is producing a celebration of the Beatles in the Sixties and the fact that Toronto is the only city they visited 3 times. There will be activities for months, but especially one full week of concerts and other major events. Guess which week? Yes, I, super fan who would also like to promote my fine Beatles book, will be floating in a lake in Haliburton for that one entire special Beatles week.

Ah well. Such is life. For those of you who will be in town – enjoy.

Friend Nettie’s film Koneline opens at the Bloor tonight; it has been getting incredibly positive reviews, and I hope the place is packed. Go Nettie! I am inspired by her energy and commitment, and also by what I watched on PBS last night – Joan Baez’s 75th birthday party, a fundraiser for Amnesty. Joan looks and sounds fantastic, not to mention Emmylou Harris, Judy Collins and others – what an example of aging those women are, beautiful, socially active and gloriously musical to the end. No, not the end, to a mere 75.

And soon, on June 18, my Macca, another ageless musician and exemplary world citizen, will be 74. I wish he’d let his hair turn silver, as those women have. But no, a lustrous brunette he remains.

Grace was here again today, teaching me about Facebook, setting up in Events page and an Album of my books. This old dog is learning new tricks. Or not – if Grace weren’t there, not sure what I’d be able to do on my own. But it’s exciting. And while she worked, my friend Dan the housepainter was also working, painting deck, porch, walls. He’s the best and nicest painter in the business; let me know if you need his number, I’d be happy to give it to you and recommend him without reservation.

Now – Nettie is at the Bloor, Grace and Dan have gone, my deck is spotless, my glass of rosé freshly poured. Time to read and think. I wish you a wonderful June weekend, my friends. It doesn’t get better than this.

And … just have to slip this in. Playschool graduation! Big brother Eli and his little brother Ben on the right, friends Finn and Marcus on the left. Bravo, boys. Harvard is next.



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