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Canada one of the 5 strongest democracies in the world

There’s a vicious cartoon in the Star today, blaming Trudeau for Canada’s slow vaccine rollout. There’s a lot of personal attack on social media too. It’s not his fault Stephen Harper got rid of Canada’s only drug-manufacturing site, so we have no capability of making our own vaccine, though that is about to change. It’s not his fault European manufacturers are upgrading their facilities and so production and delivery have slowed world-wide. 

I guess we just need to blame someone if we’re feeling aggrieved and frightened, is that it? Or am I missing something? Trudeau is far from perfect – but today the Economist listed Canada as one of the five strongest democracies in the world. Norway, Iceland, Sweden, New Zealand, and Canada. That is truly something to be proud of, particularly in these days of peril for fragile democracies across the world, including the one to the south of us, #25 out of 167. At the bottom, no surprise – North Korea. 

The vile lunatic Marjorie Taylor Greene getting a standing ovation from Republicans – can this democracy be saved?! Maybe not, though Biden sure is giving it a go. As the wise Heather Cox Richardson says today, While Republican lawmakers continue to grab headlines with outrageous behavior and obstructionism, President Biden has been derailing them in the only way no one has tried yet: ignoring them and governing. Only two weeks into his administration, this approach appears to be enormously effective.

More excitement in Cabbagetown: your faithful correspondent has discovered Kanopy, a free movie streaming service from the library. You just enter your library card number and voila, scores of dramas and documentaries free to your device! Incredible. To test it last night, I called up Northanger Abbey, made in 2007, and instantly there I was, ensconced in my living room, communing with Jane Austen. Once again, the library provides incredible service. I have ten books on hold there at the moment, waiting for the magic notification that they’re in. 

The sign of a vibrant democracy: a fabulous library system. 

The sun is shining hot through my south-facing office windows. This morning I unfurled my yoga mat in a patch of sun and did some stretches, feeling like I was in Barbados. A girl can dream, no? 

Before I get to work today, and then walk to the big Loblaws this afternoon – death-defying thrills! – I’m writing letters to my grandsons. Got a note from each of them yesterday, through the mail. In silver pen. “I love you. Ben.” Be still my beating heart. 

For tonight’s entertainment, an embarras de richesse, as the French say – a TVO special debate on democracy with various pundits, at the same time as an Endeavour rerun and Trust me, I’m a doctor, a fascinating British series delving into important medical issues. At 10.30 the divine Upstart Crow, a hilarious re-imagining of Shakespeare’s life. But also at 8, it’s the Munk debates with two of the most interesting people on earth, Harari Yuval and Masha Gessen. What to do? I may actually have to tape something and watch later, like a true citizen of 2021. 

This old broad, moving right along into the 21st century. Just watch me.



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