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Picture a Scientist

I keep saying things like, “He’ll back back in September,” and people reply, “It IS September.” How did it get to be September? I have no idea. But it certainly feels like fall already – the minute the month changed, the weather cooled. It’s going to be 8 degrees tonight!

Busy. Today, hours with Rose Napoli, my new social media assistant, taking photographs of yours truly, trying to get a good shot, and then a little film of me talking about the book. Not sure what for, but we’ll see.

A bouquet of books.

Last night, watched Picture a Scientist, a fascinating doc about the shocking sexism facing women in science. I thought of my dad, who late in life became a feminist. I Googled and this came up: 

WISEST (Women in Scholarship, Engineering, Science & Technology) began in 1982, when Dr. Gordin Kaplan, then University of Alberta Vice-President (Research), noted that of the 150 attendees at a seminar on microprocessors, only one of the participants was a woman. With the help of fellow engineers, educators and academics, Dr. Kaplan formed what is now known as WISEST. And, for more than 35 years, we have continued our commitment to empowering women who are interested or want to seek out opportunities in underrepresented fields, specifically in science, engineering, and technology (STEM).

Bravo Dad! But before that, though he had huge respect for colleagues and friends like Dr. Ursula Franklin, it’s possible he was as sexist as all the rest.

Last night, the season finale of The Good Fight. I’m not one for American network series, but this show is provocative and quirky, very enjoyable. I’m reading Leaving is not the hardest thing but may abandon. It’s pretty rough going. Many many books on my list.

I’m ready for the long weekend, in that I rode to the LCBO yesterday and bought five bottles of rosé and a white; lots of red already in stock for the colder weather. Anna is leaving at 4 a.m. Sunday to drive to Nova Scotia in a rented car, the boys loaded up in the backseat with headphones, devices, and snacks. So my grandsons are coming over tomorrow to give their mum time to pack. Funny, friends who’ve driven here from Nova Scotia are coming to stay in the basement suite for the weekend. So it’ll be busy. 

Right now, silence. Just me and my rose.



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  1. beth says:

    Thank you, Theresa. For someone as spectacularly unphotogenic as I, it's a triumph to have a decent shot.

  2. beth says:

    Theresa, I must inadvertently have deleted your comment.

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