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I don’t know why you say goodbye, I say hello

Grumpy today, and the close, gloomy weather to match. My manuscript was turned down yesterday by the publisher – he didn’t even want to see more than one chapter. I immediately got a cold and am now all achey and snivvley. These two things are perhaps related.

Of COURSE he didn’t take it, they never do, this is a long tedious difficult journey, you thought it was going to be quick and easy? Ha on you. Writing the thing is a snap compared to getting it out into the world. There’s always the petty fantasy that when the book has been published by someone else and made you incredibly rich and famous, you’ll run into the ones who said no. Perhaps splash them with the wheels of your Rolls, as you sail by. Like the 27 or so publishers who said no to J. K. Rowling, or the guy who heard the Beatles’ audition tape and told them no, guitar bands were going out of style.

However, revenge fantasies aside, I am now looking for another publisher. The friend who’s helping me recommended one, so I checked their website; they say it takes six to eight MONTHS for them to get back about an unsolicited manuscript. I talked today to a prize-winning former student whose second picture book was bought in March 2011; she told me it’s coming out in May of next year. More than 3 years. Talk about glacial.

I will pull whatever strings I can to get the thing on another desk or two, and then either publish it myself or put it online. It does feel as if people are slamming the door in my child’s face – not inviting my adorable offspring to the party. But I believe in it, I really do. Occasionally, I don’t, but mostly, I do. When down, I look at the note sent by my friend Jim the screenwriter and director, who read the ms.: What a great read and what a wonderful group of people to spend time with, especially Beth – what a character!!

Revising again, now, before it goes out again, I hope, through a connection, early next week.

What makes me hopeful is that though this is a personal memoir – me, my family, my life – it’s also about Beatlemania and growing up in the Sixties. It was just announced that CNN has produced a huge series about the Sixties, to air in November, with of course a segment about the Beatles, who have not gone anywhere. Paul is coming out with a new album in a few weeks, and the BBC is bringing out a new album of Beatles’ material soon too. Unlike my last book, I am hardly delving into obscure material aimed only at a chosen few here.

So keep your fingers crossed for the fledgling, please, on her next flight out.



2 Responses to “I don’t know why you say goodbye, I say hello”

  1. Theresa Kishkan says:

    Fingers crossed, of course — and it's never easy. Every time out, I have to go through the lists of publishers and wait and wait.I am not one of the favoured few with line-ups at my door!) But have faith and I wish you the best of luck!

  2. beth says:

    Thanks for your kind thoughts, Theresa. I must remember what I tell my students – that we write, first of all, for ourselves. So even if the work never makes it out into the world, we've done our job. Do I believe this? Not really, but it sounds good.

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