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wild life

There is something amazing and beautiful in my bedroom. Visible only in sunlight, a minuscule spider has built a web in front of my window, long almost invisible silver threads coming down from the ceiling

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Ye gods, it is a young person’s game, the raising of children. I’ve just spent three days and nights with my grandsons, aged 3 and 6, and though they are a marvel and I adore

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still crazy after all these years

First, thanks to all who wrote after the shooting on the nearby Danforth, to ask if I’m okay. We in Canada like to think those hideous events are the domain of countries full of unhinged

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Write in the Garden = A+

A happy exhaustion: the day-long writing in the garden workshop just ended. For the first time – I’ve been running these since 2011 – the day dawned wet and cold. Sudden shift, clearing rooms in

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vegetating with the vegetables

Someone at the Y asked today, Seen any good movies lately? Not a one. Have I been anywhere except my kitchen and garden and the Y? It doesn’t feel that way. Besides, oh yes, Ottawa.

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northern capitals: Helsinki, Ottawa

You know who is going to save the world from the maniacs currently running it? Another kind of maniac – the comedians. I just watched Sacha Baron Cohen pretending to be an Israeli operative speaking

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good times

Just so you don’t think I’m in a permanent funk, dear blog readers, I’m here to tell you I had a GREAT DAY! Up really early again and a full morning of work with real

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terrible, no good, very bad day

The bad day did NOT start cheerily at 7 a.m., like yesterday, but late, because I was awake for hours in the night worrying about my aunt. Her caregiver called last night while I was

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Macca tickets and “Yellow Submarine”

It’s 7 a.m. and I’ve already had breakfast. This happens rarely – I once resolved never to get up before 7, because then I’m groggy all day. But this morning, after a solid 6 hour

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Beth’s Let It Go Dance Party Sept. 14

The dance party is back on! As if I needed something else on my list, this has now become my production. Well, I’m the one who wants somewhere to go dancing like a mad thing,

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I began keeping a journal at the age of nine. Nearly fifty years later, I started this online journal, sharing reflections, reviews, updates, and the occasional secret.

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