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Anybody But Harper

My friend Margaret emailed from Vancouver today that she was going away for Thanksgiving weekend but would be back “to vote ABH.”  I asked what that meant.  

“Anybody But Harper,” she wrote back, and sent me the following link to a superlative short piece made by the daughter of a friend, about some of the things the Conservatives have done since elected.  I urge you to watch and if you agree with it, send it on to your friends.  More importantly, send it to any undecided voters you know.
I pray that momentum is building on the other side, as the media is saying, but I fear it’s a myth.  Let’s make it real.
A heavenly day.  I woke at 7 to the dawn chorus, the dozens of sparrows and finches who nest in the ivy near my bedroom window all squawking at once – the sound of life.  I read recently the explanation for it, something to do with testosterone – but anyway, I lay in bed waiting for the magic moment, which came about 20 minutes later – suddenly, silence.  I imagine the head sparrow bringing down his wing, meaning “cut!”  How do they all know to shut up instantly, at once?  
Another sound of life, last night – I was the guest of my friend Eleanor at the opera, to hear Mozart’s  “Don Giovanni.”  I kept thinking of the word “elitist” which is used sneeringly now as a weapon, and how glad I am to be invited to join the elite every once in a while – Margaret Atwood and her husband were there and many media types, in the elegant new Toronto opera house with its walls of windows and clean, simple lines.  The production wasn’t so good, actually, but it didn’t matter because the singing was heavenly and the music – well, what to say?  One masterpiece after another.  To think that this sublime, incandescent genius died in poverty.  With an arts grant or two, he might … no.  Let’s keep Mozart out of the election campaign, shall we?
May you hear your own sounds of life today, and get your share of sun.   



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