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raining in my heart

A dark wet day – more flooding in Toronto, what is wrong with our city fathers, haven’t they heard of drains? But it’s blessedly cool, and the garden is grateful. Spent hours yesterday and today listening to music on the internet, culling songs, looking for great dance music for my dance party in September. I’m finally entering the 21st century musically. Thrilling. (Though never had an i thingie to listen to music with and hardly know how to download. So still in the dark ages. But struggling to move forward.)

Had a wonderful email from former student Jill Weber, a pastor who is living for awhile in England.

I just wanted to let you know that after almost nine months of conversations with a UK publisher, today I finally signed a contract! My first memoir is nearing completion – I hope to be finished the final draft by Christmas. European release will be next summer or fall and North American release some time after that.
I’m also being published in a couple other arenas – writing resources in my field, contributing a chapter for an anthology, even writing material for a spirituality app! Two hours of my work day are set aside for writing of one type or another for publication.
I just wanted to thank you for your class and your memoir writing book that were so formative and helpful to my process. I’m still a young writer, still finding my voice, still culling pesky adverbs. But I believe the foundation you laid for me was instrumental and I am deeply grateful.
Jill didn’t need much from me; she was focussed and dedicated from the start. Still, what pleasure to hear I was some help.  
Got this today from Sarah, who took it during her visit with her kids to Anna and her’s on Monday. I entitle it “The beautiful woman and some old bag.” What a lovely open face and smile that gorgeous young woman has. 
Just got a message from my brother – my aunt has been transferred to the Civic Hospital because of her back pain. She had another fall the other day and was not in good shape, apparently, though when I spoke with her this afternoon, she had not a word of complaint. A fierce and formidable soul is fighting for life. My heart is with her.



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