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the beauty of the fall

It’s a stunning day, has been stunning all week but today is prime – very hot. It’s so much more delicious when we know it won’t last, impossible to stay inside and work when it’s like this. I just went for a long bike ride down the Don Valley Trail – well, long for me, an hour and a bit. I have to carry my bike up and down various steep hills to get there and now have legs of rubber. Worth it, as you can see.

Beautiful downtown Toronto!

On Thursday, took my bike on the streetcar out to the Beach, to go for a ride by the lake with Annie. Also glorious. 

Marilyn rides the streetcar.

Not downtown but still, the Beach is in the metropolis. 

Taught my home class on Thursday by Zoom, but in two weeks we’ll do a hybrid class, some here, some on the screen. So good to see them after a few months – they’re like family; how well we know each other after all this time. 

My dear friends Anna and Tom and their dog Willow are visiting from Stratford, staying in my basement suite which is empty for a bit. With Sam we had a vegetarian feast last night from the local Indian restaurant Haldi – saag paneer masala, vegetable korma, dal tadka, bhindi aloo sabzi, baingan bharta – even saying the names evokes the smell of those fragrant spices. And of course rice, naan, and mango chutney. We were celebrating their first visit to Toronto in some time, and Sam’s new job with which he is pleased. 

I’m on a roll work-wise – finishing essays and sending them out. Was I complaining about something a few days ago? I wonder why.

PS I submitted an essay yesterday and had a No thanks good luck elsewhere today! That’s a record. I may be on a roll, but perhaps editors are not as impressed with me as I am.



3 Responses to “the beauty of the fall”

  1. Susan Kargut says:

    Beth, I discovered you through Theresa's blog and love your writing voice – which I suspect is your own real voice. Thanks for the jaunts around Toronto and the whinges which match mine and the glimpses into international meal options.. . all of it. Wry humour and teasing were part of my upbringing so I recognize myself in your style. I'm enjoying you blog hugely. Thanks!

  2. Susan Kargut says:

    P.S. I forgot to mention how I love your pencils and the photo of the peeking memoirist. Wonderful!

  3. beth says:

    Susan, my heart twanged a little to read what you wrote. Thank you for reading and taking the time to reply! It means a great deal when someone responds to the words.

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