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updates and events

I am part of a panel, organised by the Professional Writers Association of Canada (PWAC) and Ryerson, which will be held on Tuesday October 14 at the World’s Biggest Bookstore.  It’s called “Telling Individual Tales:

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words on the street

The maple tree outside my study window is still green, but the light around it is metallic and harsh.  “Word on the Street” yesterday, that great celebration of the printed word, takes place on the

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Writers, if the weather continues like this, we will be more than happy in the garden on October 5.  That Sunday, I am running another of my one-day rev-up-your-inspiration workshops. For those who haven’t been

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Noo Yawk report

You’ll have to forgive me if I’m a bit foggy – back only a day and a bit from my three days in New York – marvellous, maddening, unbelievably exhausting and enriching New York.  I’m

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on the road

I am in Washington, D.C. right now – not just another country but another planet. There’s a glossy magazine on display at my inn called “Gardens and Guns.” Here, that’s not an anomalie, and it’s

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off into the wild grey yonder

These have been dark days.  One of my dearest friend’s husband died on Friday, of complications after an operation for lung cancer, at the age of 55.  I was at the hospital with her, watching

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moving right along

I’m happy to report to all well-wishers that the young man has regained his famous sense of humour, if not his handsome face.  The police called to tell him that they had two guys in

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the reality of bullies

I’ve discovered that I don’t need to watch Harper and Palin to bemoan the presence of bullies in our midst.  My son called me yesterday morning to tell me that the night before, at 11 p.m.,

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doing something about it

My best friend, Chris Tyrell in Vancouver, has developed a new policy – he won’t listen to complaints.  When friends and acquaintances are moaning about health, work or the state of the world, instead of offering sympathy,

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biting the apple and telling it like it is

I have one word for you today: apples.  How could I forget, in all my mewling about peaches, the power and glory of that hard fruit?  Yesterday I bit into an apple from the farmer’s

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I began keeping a journal at the age of nine. Nearly fifty years later, I started this online journal, sharing reflections, reviews, updates, and the occasional secret.

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