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blowing own horn, #6794

Snow gone, sun shining. An email arrived today from a student in the U of T class that ended on Monday. It could not have come at a better time, as I nursed my tiny

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one of a kind

My American cousin Peter B., a photographer who’s known for his intimate shots of the Statue of Liberty – he climbed all over her many times and took an especially gorgeous close-up of her toe

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I’m down, as the Beatles say

Chilly, dark and pouring. I’m watching a very wet sparrow hawk on a branch of the cherry tree in the yard, grooming himself – plucking at his leg feathers – in the rain. I’m about

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still warm

It said in the newspaper today that Friday was the warmest Nov. 25 on record. Today, still mild; through the rain, I saw two men in shorts. That’s the problem with global warming – in

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two clips

Two things to watch: Here’s a clip of an extraordinary light project art piece in Germany. Unfortunately an ad, but let’s pretend it’s just art. And here’s a very moving ad disguised as a

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My friends at the Farm

Today was so mild, I went for a jogette in a t-shirt. A woman beat me – she was at the Farm in a tank top! On November 25th in Toronto! Here are my friends

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Quick, my Toronto readers, pick up the phone or go to your computers and book to see “Ride the Cyclone,” at Theatre Passe-Muraille. Though it may already be completely sold out. This summer, when I

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a grown-up, singing with love

Just back from an exciting night – an event called “Grown-ups Read Stuff They Wrote as Kids.” Apparently, this is the 11th such night, in which several hundred people gather to laugh at their own

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down and up

Zero degrees – it actually feels like November. Outside, as much yellow and brown as green; leaves tumble, squirrels frantically search and bury. Soon I’ll get to use my sexy blue snow shovel. Teaching is

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November sun

Am I living in Canada? It’s sunny and unbelievably mild – I was just out raking leaves wearing a light spring coat. Torontonians are looking around in bewilderment, congratulating themselves. “This just means it’ll hit

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