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Moving out of the 90’s and onto the web

My former Toronto neighbour Tom, who now lives in Laguna Beach and is my webmaster (my, that sounds kinky) emailed last night to say, “Congratulations, the site is now live, you have officially moved out of the 90’s.” I logged on and there was my sparkling new site. Today I keep checking it as if it might have changed overnight – yes, still there. In fact it did change – my friend Deb, a writer in Newfoundland, added the first post to this blog. I know that to anyone under 30 my excitement at all this is absurd – I who have no cell-phone, have never downloaded a song and don’t know how an iPod can hold so many songs when it is so very small. And how do they all get in there?

But I have managed to move out of the 90’s. Woo hoo!

Here’s today’s message for writers, from a review by A.O.Scott in the NYTimes Book Review of Alice Munro’s latest:
“The point of storytelling, as Munro practices it, is to rescue the literal facts from banality, from oblivion, and to preserve – to create – some sense of continuity in the hectic ebb and flow of experience. ‘We can’t resist this rifling around in the past,’ she writes in an epilogue, ‘sifting the untrustworthy evidence, linking stray names and questionable dates and anecdotes together, hanging on to threads, insisting on being joined to dead people and therefore to life.'”

Happy Valentine’s Day. L’chaim to you all. To life.



2 Responses to “Moving out of the 90’s and onto the web”

  1. Deep Draught says:

    It was fun working ont he site. I hope it is very successful for you!

  2. Hey Bethy-Beth – this is delightful. I have to prepare for an audition tonight, so I won’t linger on your site long – though Lord knows I’d like to, as it seems a very fun place.

    I love your bio. You saw the Beatles twice in Paris and YOU NEVER TOLD ME??? I mean, I know you adored and probably still do adore Paul – and actually, in my own virile way, so do I, I adore them all. If you listen to their own accounts of the Paris gig (just before “I Want to Hold Your Hand” became number one and they went to America), they seem to recall that most of the fans there were boys. Glad to know your presence evened things up a bit.

    I love the handwritten website-titles (Bio, Home, Book, &c.). Is that in fact your own handwriting?

    Let me send this off now, Beth. Something tells me that this little comment-box is not the best place for you and me to get caught up.

    I intend to re-visit this site often.

    Love and good wishes,

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