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a mere 68

Tomorrow I turn 69. Hard to believe. What, lithe, youthful moi? The nice woman doing my eye tests this morning noticed the date on my chart and asked if I was excited about my birthday.

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summer joys

 When I went down to the kitchen this morning, I thought about February. Today, the world was alive with colour, sound, and scent – flowers, birds, green, yellow, pink, red, purple, orange, and more green,

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peaches and time

Where does time go? Why do the days disappear? I saw an explanation on TV, where else? It said that when our brains experience something new, our neurons are firing and lots is going on

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summer rhapsody

My heart overflowing this glorious morning – we’ve had a few days respite from the heat, it’s fresh, light, clear. The garden is nearly at its peak; the pale mauve phlox are out, delicate and

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workshop heaven

Such blessings. My garden workshop today, thunderstorms predicted, and not only did they not come, the day wasn’t even too hot – just breezy and mild until late afternoon. The whole day could not have

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Ben is four

Sitting here in front of the fan with the AC on too, at last – it’s brutally hot outside with a storm predicted, a blessing for the garden. We’re still clicking happily together, my new

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Welcome to the Silver Hammer

Welcome into my world, sleek gleaming steely grey new computing machine whom I have named MacSwell’s Silver Hammer. Oh that satisfyingly snappy clickity clack, the speed of typing, fingers skimming over the keys, the brand

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The joy of sadness

Weepy today. It’s the Wimbledon final, Federer versus Djokovic, and my mother and aunt should be watching. Avidly. I really don’t care about sports but I love federer, as Mum did. A great wave of

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Mac misery

Purring computer literally on the blink – was working perfectly then screen began to blink on and off, like a neon sign. Hot bike ride uphill to the repair store to leave it with Jeff.

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cottage catch up

Heaven is this little machine in my lap, purring like a pussycat. For a mere $533 (!), my computer is fixed. Jeff from RiverdaleMac called at 5.20 this evening to give me the good news.

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