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“Clybourne Park”

A hideous day – heavy wet snow turning instantly to slush, an entire day of snow and rain. Miserable. I’m amazed at how many people don’t have boots, navigating their sneakers along sidewalks a foot

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Oscar phooey

Important decision: I am going to do my best not to feel guilty any more about my many mistakes as a mother. My ex-husband has been here for a few days, and mostly it has

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 A boy and his spoon head off to do some mixing. November 1985 – young Sam, who is now six foot eight, starts to walk.  Last night, in the same hippo suit, young Eli gets

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Saturday night

After that last post, I received a stern warning from dear Lani that it’s not a good idea to announce to the world, via my blog, that I am about to toss out old income

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My friend the hawk is back, perched on a branch in the garden, surveying the white emptiness. He has a dark brown back, a beige chest, and wonderful striped tail feathers when he flies. I

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hello to Rick Mercer, farewell to Matthew

Oh my beautiful, relatively dust-free, relatively clutter-free home. In fact, it’s pretty dusty and it’s crowded with clutter, but it’s my dust and my clutter and I love it. Okay, important things first: poor Matthew

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BK and St. Jerome

Just came from dinner with my mother’s friends in this building, Una and May, and Auntie Do – a very welcome invite from Una, as the dust is thick in Mum’s place, and chaos abounds.

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If I weren’t so tired, I might have a bit of a cry, but that would take too much energy. Drank too much wine last night during dinner with Auntie Do, and didn’t sleep much. It’s

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Sitting in the Porter lounge with my free “Globe” and two free lattes. So much to be grateful for. For one, that I’m not going to Timmins, like those folks boarding now. For Porter itself,

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Please forgive me if I bitch. It’s 9.30 p.m., I leave early tomorrow for Ottawa, and I have not begun to get ready. Have to pack, water the plants, put out the cat food so

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