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A dull, grey, drizzly Wednesday – a welcome relief for human beings and gardens. There are three new plants out there – a lush dark purple buddleia from Penny, a hot pepper plant and a spectacular hibiscus from my son, dessert-plate-sized crimson blooms shouting, Look at me!

Yesterday Penny spent the day at the Royal Ontario Museum. She was surprised at how expensive admission was – $24! I guess that’s how they’re paying for the sharp shards of architecture looming over Bloor Street. So she decided to get her money’s worth and enjoyed her visit, especially the First Nations exhibits. Whereas I went to look at a rock pile with my handyman John. Since the city ripped up my front yard for the water pipes, we have to rebuild, so John and I were looking at stones to use as building material. We had to choose between lavender and dark grey – who knew there were lavender stones? But there are. We’re still deciding.
Spent the rest of the day clearing up after the party and responding to all the emails. The flood that came in from Facebook was a marvel – but many others too, including Chris in Vancouver who with his designer skills fashioned a card, a very goofy shot of him holding a lot of balloons. And I spent a lot of time thinking about the day, how being surrounded by loved ones is the best feeling in the world. And seeing friends who don’t know each other become friends, and my children in the midst, hosting and cooking, at ease, vital, beautiful. I know, I’m a tiny bit biased. But they are the most beautiful human creatures on the face of the earth.
In the evening, before Jon Stewart, Penny and I watched “Britain from the air,” a fascinating show about the people who keep track of air, sea and land traffic, about how electricity, sewage, and transport run on the island. There was a hilarious segment about the surge in electricity use nation-wide after the end of “The East-Enders” TV show – as a million kettles are plugged in for a cup of tea. It’s a daily crisis for the man who is in charge of the delivery of electricity. That’s my mum. Nothing that can’t be solved with a cup of tea.
And what good news, in the midst of the absurd, heartbreaking wrangling in the U.S., to see Gabrielle Giffords alive and well.
I have to say that 61 is fabulous so far.



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