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Rave review: “written with tremendous heart, insight, and humour”

Oh my; on this gloomy Sunday, my heart is light. I woke to a friend’s email congratulating me on the rave review in The Bridge, a local newspaper that goes out to the entire downtown core. I haven’t received my copy yet but found it online. Thank you, Glenda MacFarlane, thank you for saying such lovely things. Especially “an extraordinary life written with tremendous heart, insight, and humour … A compelling read, the perfect gift for the holiday season.”

“Each piece is a beautifully crafted glimpse into a particular moment, providing an episodic but engaging journey through the author’s life.”

It’s the first review in print. Papers barely print reviews any more, so this one means so much!

Yesterday it was 12 degrees. Like spring. Today colder but still mild. As a young woman said to me on the streetcar the other day, “I don’t know whether to be happy about the weather or terrified.” All of us.

The Nutcracker by the National Ballet was quite something — incredible costumes and sets. The story was tenuous, and the first act confusing if lively, but the second act was spectacular and of course that famous, delicious music. A once-in-a-lifetime thing — I would not go again.

Yesterday, the CNFC Zoom webinar for members to read from their recently published books. What a diversity: a war correspondent reading about such atrocities that I turned off my sound; about the Camino, a son’s death from a drug overdose, an academic struggle, and more. I love this group, so glad to be part of it.

My list of things to do is very long. Tomorrow I have to go to Ben McNally Books to sign six books for my friend Tara in Vancouver, who’ll receive them I hope before Xmas. Must start thinking about Xmas myself. Though at least the house is lit at the front, more Christmassy than in years. At the back — still green. Welcome welcome green.



5 Responses to “Rave review: “written with tremendous heart, insight, and humour””

  1. Alan Milen says:

    Hi Beth. What a wonderful review. The mention of my old hometown of Nanaimo brought a smile to my face. That performance was probably after my time there. I graduated in 1970. But my younger sister might have been in the audience! More good news: Mosaic has informed me that my copy of Midlife Solo is on its way. Oh the anticipation! Cheers. Alan

  2. Beth Kaplan says:

    Nice to know my book will be in Zurich! I wonder if your sister remembers seeing a Greek tragedy – I certainly hope not. Sending best wishes for the holiday season, Alan.

  3. Trevor says:

    Hi Beth – that review has whetted my appetite for your book, which I am informed may even be in my hands before Christmas – hope so, am looking forward to it. Best wishes for the holiday season, also from Bente.

  4. Beth Kaplan says:

    Trevor, I hope you receive your book soon. So it’s on its way to Switzerland and Denmark! Merry Everything to you and Bente, and thank you as always for your friendship and support.

  5. lucia berlin says:


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