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nearly spring

What a day – 17 degrees! We all poured out into the sun. It’ll get cold again, but we felt the dawn of hope. I actually did some pruning of the winter kill and saw green shoots, though most of my yard is still covered in slush and ice.

Went to get the boys today, brought them across town on the streetcar. We stopped on King Street at Sackville, went to Ben McNally Books to pick up a few I’d ordered, then discovered right next door is a great playground. So, an hour there, climbing, running, rollerblading. Then walking north, a stop at – I confess – Wendy’s for a fast food lunch, forgive me planet and arteries, and then to the next playground, an hour there, running, climbing, rollerblading. It took us nearly 3 hours to get home. Then they destroyed my house, we made chocolate chip oatmeal cookies, and finally their dad, who’s been living downstairs while looking for his own place, came home and took over. They’ve been running up and down but now it’s quiet down there, I think. Tomorrow, more adventures. 

Nope, voices. It’s 10.30 and they’re still awake. Ah well. Maybe they’ll sleep in tomorrow. Some chance. 

At one point, celebrating spring, Ben said, “So long, no bees! Now there’s bees! (Pause.) I’m scared of bees.”

Speaking of the blessings of family – my dear friend Jean-Marc was just home in New Brunswick for his mother’s 99th birthday party. She’s beautiful, healthy, strong of mind and body, surrounded by grandchildren including one ten days old. Almost everyone in the small town where she’s lived all her life knows and loves her, as do the people in her fine assisted living place. She and JM are Acadian. Four hundred years in the Maritimes. Strong roots. Blessings.

The mystery of my own health continues — I feel fine. A few nights ago bent over with pain, and now fine. I speak to the St. Mike’s surgeon next Friday. 

I can still feel the sun on my face. Soon we’ll be complaining about the heat. 

Can’t bear to write about Ukraine.



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