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celebrating chez nous

 The Plasmacar that Janice gave us with other stuff her kids had outgrown – the best gift of all

The yahrzeit candle we burned for Mum all day – burning still

 Trying on Mummy’s new rubber boots

NOT a bong – a broken solar light, one of his favourite toys, as is his uncle

 On our way to the Necropolis with the ashes of my parents – small, medium and tall. It snowed lightly all day, big fat flakes, a classic white Christmas

 At the beautiful old Necropolis, after scattering my mother and father, and a few tears (mine). I saved a bit of Dad to scatter in Paris.

And then a nap

And then Christmas dinner from Pearl Court

A final hour or two of riding around the kitchen and living room with Auntie Holly, who arrived from her own family event. We spoke to Auntie Do in Ottawa and to the kids’ dad who’s with his family in Vernon, B.C. Anna read us an email she’d received: “Until I spent the holidays with my entire family, I didn’t understand the true meaning of alcoholism.” Got that. After our beautiful boy departed, Glamma, for some reason, was depleted. Happy, but very tired.

As, I hope, are you. If you have an ounce of energy left, please click on my friend Chris’s blog, to the left, the one marked “THE Canadian voice.” It’s Joni singing about Christmas and skating, haunting and lovely. A merry Boxing Day to you all. The madness is over!



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  1. "Blue" was a Christmas present this year (my original copy is lost in the sands of time) and I listened to River over and over yesterday. It inspired an essay I once wrote for our class.

  2. beth says:

    I was at Le Hibou Coffeehouse in Ottawa in 1968 when they introduced a new singer from Saskatchewan. There were about eight people there, stunned into silence. Then I learned "Circle Game" on my guitar and played it, oh, about four million times.
    A wonderful 2014 to you, Chris.

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