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Will I ever have another day like this, with floods of effusive emails pouring in? My inbox is overflowing right now. I gather that the 90 or so people there had a good time and enjoyed themselves. Many have written about amazing connections – more than 30 years ago, friend Nick the actor was in a TV show with Alanna, who designed the book cover, a show cast by Marsha, a friend and former student who was also there last night. Things like that. Canada has a small population – it’s not surprising that artsy folk connect.

People were glad to meet my kids and to see Eli in motion, constant motion. Sam impressed with his moving, honest speech to introduce me, and Anna with her lightning quick but relaxed responses to her speedy son. I’ve been told the food was great, though I wouldn’t know; certainly the Local Gest is an ideal place for something like this, spacious, warm, well-run. We were well-organized ourselves, with great volunteer greeters at the door – JM and Richard, and later Chris and Jason, and Margaret and Carol who stayed near me and helped with the signing. The salespeople Linda and Monique, who never stopped work, and then Gretchen and Holly, sold over $2000 worth of books, including a few of my other ones.

We sold about 90 books, which is an amazing one on one ratio. When it ended, a group of us walked back here to drink Prosecco and eat leftovers from the restaurant and watch Sam entertain us, as is his wont. I did have a heavy moment this morning, postpartum and a bit hungover, borrowing Monique’s car to go back and pick up the remaining unsold books – about 120. I’d hoped to sell far more, obviously – as we writers always do. The reality hits now that I have to go on trying to sell this book, when I want it to sell itself so I can get on with the next one. I’ll have to figure out how to manage all that.

But in the meantime, a day of recovery – until a few minutes from now, when I have to go to U of T for a class. It has been an odd day, very hot and muggy – like high summer – mixed with dark and thunderous. My gardenia is in bloom, and in the rain, that smell plus the lilacs and jasmine, plus the lilies of the valley I’ve picked, make sitting here by my back door beyond heavenly. But mostly – I feel lighter. This offspring has flown the coop. Yes, I still have to do some minding. But she’s out. Happy trails, kiddo.

PS My publisher, informed of the number of books sold, just wrote “That has to be the best sales ratio of any book I’ve published. Congratulations!” and sent his first edit of the next book, “True to Life: 50 Steps to help you write your own story.” Onward!



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