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Puccini’s Butterfly

Glory. Happy. Yes, downloading the camera (see next posts). But so much more.

I’ve told you before about my student in the opera chorus who periodically emails special ticket offers. I guess the tickets aren’t selling well over this Thanksgiving weekend, so the offer arrived, and I instantly booked Madama Butterfly for today and Falstaff for tomorrow. So today, feeling grateful to life, I cycled to the market in the morning, loading up on Empire apples on a sunny morning, and then this afternoon I cycled off to the opera. First I Googled Ride the City to find the safest way to cycle to the COC. Arrived in 20 safe minutes.

And sat for 3 glorious hours of heaven in the centre orchestra. Oh my god, I have a new love – Puccini. Jesus God that’s a lush opera, totally over the top, ridiculously melodramatic, heartbreaking, and gorgeous. A fantastic production, brilliant singing, especially by Kelly Kaduce as Cio-Cio San – LOVED EVERY MINUTE. And I was in Row D centre for $25. What a gift. The music exploding in my heart.

Rode home, and as I walked in the door, having left the radio on, I was greeted with Paul McCartney singing Carry That Weight. It is to weep. So, flooded with music, I listened to all of Randy Bachman’s program and, as always, danced around the kitchen. Puccini, the Beatles – thank you, Lord, for the gift of music. I spent time today, too, playing the piano. Don’t know if I’ve told you that I’m starting piano lessons next week and have started to play again, my childhood pieces. It feels so good.

I am alone, as I almost always am. This is how I live my life – I live alone, I go out alone. Music keeps me company. I can’t ask for more.



2 Responses to “Puccini’s Butterfly”

  1. theresa says:

    Oh, how lovely — the Puccini, the cycling over, the piano lessons. I sometimes think that music keeps us alive, alive to the textures of the world. I think I'll put Puccini on today when I make gratin dauphinoise to take to Thanksgiving dinner with friends! Thanks for this, Beth.

  2. beth says:

    Mmm, wish I could join you for dinner. I will now look up gratin dauphinoise. It sounds divinely cheesy. And now I'm biking off to see the matinee of Falstaff. Maybe tomorrow, as you eat leftovers, you can listen to Verdi.

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