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“She Loves You” – good times

Coming down from the performance high, just like in my acting days – it’s not nearly as intense, speaking rather than inhabiting a character with makeup and costume, but still, it’s a show and I feel it to my core.

I was convinced, during my talk today to a full house at the Miles Nadal, that people would find it solipsistic, one note, even boring. But I gather that was not the case, for some at least. It went well. I told them it should be called “Beth’s Adventures in Beatleland,” because I fell down a musical rabbithole in January 1964 and have yet to emerge. Whereas my memoir just tells the beginning of the tale, this was the whole story, up to now. My friend Lisa Roy, who runs programs at the Miles Nadal, was there beside me working the powerpoint, which did have a glitch or two – we had never tried it before. However, no one seemed to mind. I spoke for about an hour, there were questions, and people even bought books afterward, including my other books. So – a success. Exhausting, but wonderful.

One friend – remember, these are dear friends – emailed, “You are an amazing storyteller. Charismatic, hilariously self-deprecating, your writing witty and the delivery triggering big laughs. Very moving too. Love the image of your parents dancing, finally, to the Beatles. Too many other moments to mention here. A rapt audience loving it all. Went to support a friend and left as a fan!”

And another, “I loved loved loved your talk. It was funny and full of history and it resonated with people on many levels. I loved the slide show and memorabilia. You delivered it with warmth and passion which was delightful and made me cry at points. Please take it on the road.”

Maybe, after all that work to prepare it, I will.

Selling books and signing, afterward, with Wayson keeping an eye on things.

Take it on the road – any ideas out there?

Yesterday, several people read such beautiful moving stories in class that we all cried. How lucky I am to have work, several kinds, that I love so much.

But I’m glad the talk is over. I came home to an emergency in my downstairs tenant’s apartment – a leak, water coming through the walls, disaster. Lest I get too comfortable.



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