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The Authors Book Club interview

I’m proud to be a member of the Authors Book Club, set up by Ann Choi and Fiona Ross so that book clubs can get in touch with writers to come talk about their books. Recently they interviewed me and fellow member Laura Pratt about what book clubs mean to writers and to us personally. During the interview, they asked me what I’d need from a book club. To have actually read the book, I replied, and, since my books often deal with France, to provide a bit of good French wine and cheese. But really, being in a room with people who love reading and have read my book: heaven!

I was stricken with a little bug of some kind, aches, runny nose, so had to cancel a few things but am better now. On the other hand — literally the other hand — yesterday I was sitting in the grass and put my left palm down on a hornet. The pain was excruciating and now it’s swollen and unbearably itchy. Vile creatures.

While I was feeling run down, did manage to cook a lot of food, listening to Eleanor’s Writers and Company podcast — I cannot cook without Eleanor. Invited Monique and later Ruth to share it. Wrote an op-ed for the Toronto Star about Ontario Place and sent it today, plus had a meeting with my clever tech helper Patrick who is back to start school soon and to help this feeble oldster figure out various confusing algorithms. We had to shout over the unbelievable noise of the air show, which torments this city at the end of every summer.

It’s hot; we’re finally getting summer heat. Soon, time for rosé. I will raise a glass to you all. May the end of your summer be more tranquil than here. This is what Tiggy thinks about it all.



2 Responses to “The Authors Book Club interview”

  1. Theresa says:

    Beth, I am really looking forward to your book. This is me, joining you in a glass of rose, not quite the last of summer, but close.

  2. Beth Kaplan says:

    Don’t hold your breath re the book, Theresa, as you know, these things take time. Interminable time. Maybe one day we will actually clink glasses!

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