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crisis passes, Moderna hooray!

Just so you know – yesterday was one of the worst days of my life. Hold on, I’m a creature given to melodrama; maybe I’ll just say it was pretty dreadful. There was a family crisis so all-consuming that I was on the phone much of the day – to my ex and to various others who could help, as I couldn’t do much. Sometimes my melodramatic streak makes things worse. I hope it did not yesterday. 

Events did not help my already heaving stomach.

When things settled a bit, I thought, I’ll go for a walk to clear my head. Usually I walk north through C’town but yesterday I decided to go south to the bank in Regent’s Park. As I approached the CRC on Oak Street, a community resource centre where we held our conversation group a few years ago, I saw a lineup and the word ‘vaccines.’ I asked if I could make an appointment to get one and was told to get in line. But five minutes later when I got to the door, I realized I was in line to get the actual vaccine – my second shot, Moderna! Exactly what I wanted, six minutes from my front door, with almost no wait. Incredible.

Today my arm is a bit tender but otherwise, I’m pretty good. Hope that lasts; there’s enough going on that I don’t need side effects. But what a great feeling to know that in two weeks, I’ve got a lot of immunity.

And more good news – a royalty report from Findaway Voices, the other site, besides Audible, which hosts my audiobook. They reported a sale of two copies for a grand total of $4.34. That’s U.S.! Which means it’s considerably more! The wealth keeps pouring in.

And through all this, crisis, vaccine, the weather is stunning. Today all is calm and bright, my insides feel better, and I feel safer. And the baby skunk, which hung around the house all day letting off stink bombs, seems to have moved on. All good, I’d say. 

For now. Stay tuned.



2 Responses to “crisis passes, Moderna hooray!”

  1. theresa says:

    Good news, re: vaccine! Sometimes I remember the beginning of the pandemic and all the uncertainty about vaccine development and isn't it amazing that some of us (not me, not yet, but in a few weeks) have had two shots.

  2. beth says:

    Absolutely – the fact that while countless children were afflicted it took many years to develop the polio vaccine, and we had ours in less than a year – in fact, several vaccines – extraordinary. It's good to feel that now, and more in two weeks, I will be safer. Glad you will be too, Theresa. And brava on your tomato plants – mine are weeks behind.

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