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springing home

I’m home – a day early. On the weekend, I realized that there was just too much to do and managed to change my ticket, not for the $365 originally quoted, but for the $75

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The Pacific Rim National Park

 Driftwood art  We picked up so many stones, we had to leave some behind  On the Schooner Cove trail – magnificent ancient cedars …  Big ones  A tiny bit of Long Beach  The trail back

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More beautiful B.C.

A beach on Bowen – note: sunshine.  Buying eggs on Bowen: Shari drives to a farm, leaves money and empty egg cartons in the little shed, and takes a full one from the fridge. Vancouver Island’s

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Crystal Cove

I’m in a log cabin on the west coast of Vancouver Island, near Tofino, in front of a dwindling fire; I’ve just stepped out of the hot tub after a day of walking on the

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Beautiful B.C.

Opening night: Mr. Tyrell on the right, with his Grade 5 teachers Mr. and Mrs. Wheeler (“the Breck girl”), who were so kind to him then and feature prominently in his show  Just outside Bruce’s

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useful creativity

This morning I was in a movement class where the teacher talked about useful versus useless creativity. Useless, she said, was re-creating a scenario that did not happen, or creating a possible future scenario that

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City of Angelinos

 The best-dressed children in the world discover nature at the Santa Monica market Ze beach – such tall, skinny trees, like the people A typical freak at the Venice Beach Freak Show  The view from

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 Moi before my swim in the Barton Springs natural pool – endless  Madame and the cute sommelier we picked up  People sit on both sides of the bar and peddle around the city – I

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sun to rain

Yesterday at the Air Canada check-in counter at LAX, as I handed over my passport, the woman said, “Going to?” “Toronto,” I replied. After a few minutes, she said, “No. Vancouver.” Oh yes. Vancouver. Where

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Santa Monica

Fairyland. That’s what L.A. is like to me – those legendary names, legendary images – but people actually live here, work here, like normal people. Almost. But not quite. Before I go on about my

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