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winter schminter

I won’t mention the temper tantrum playing out in Ottawa right now, except to say, what a disgusting display. Of course, Trump and gang are in full support. The rise of a culture of angry grievance and blind selfishness is a frightening cancer in our society. 

Okay, already, too many words, too much thought for them. The media are giving them far, far too much air. Is anyone following the money? How much has come from far right hate groups?

No, stop, here I go again. 

Yesterday’s joy — the boys came over and Thomas and I took them skating — well, Thomas skated and I cheered. Neighbourhood parents have created a small rink in a local park, meticulously maintained by volunteers; you can book it in half hour increments and have it to yourself and your party. Eli and Ben are already stronger skaters than last week when I watched. The sound of skates rasping on ice, of a puck slapping the boards – the most Canadian sounds I know.

And on Saturday, off to the Beach to walk and lunch with Annie. It was sunny and very cold by the lake – beautiful. 

And then home for dinner with Sam, take out from HOP, boeuf bourgignon for me, rare steak for him. These are the things that’ll get us through the winter – rich take out deliciousness, the hyacinths blooming in the kitchen, Nicky’s dance party. 

The week ahead is nearly empty: teaching, dancing 3 or 4 times, Gina’s Essentrics classes twice, a conversation on the phone with our family doctor who’s retiring in a few weeks, Bleak House on TV on Thursday. Working on the essay book and the uncle story, editing for others. Reading: Ann Patchett by the bed, a book about decision making by the fire, the New Yorker in the bathroom, newspapers on the kitchen table. Annie and I talked about going to Mexico together next winter. 


And – GO RAFA! The phenomenal Nadal wins in Australia. I have no fave teams, don’t care about the Leafs or the Raptors or whoever. But since my mother and aunt loved tennis, it’s the one sport I allow into my consciousness. Federer is our guy, but Rafa is #2. What a guy – 35 years old, ancient for a sportsman at his level, and unstoppable. Inspiring. 



2 Responses to “winter schminter”

  1. alandmillen says:

    The comments and photo of the kids on the rink put my Canadian-in-exile heart in a bit of state.

  2. beth says:

    Yes, it was a very Canadian scene, especially as the rink was created and is maintained by the neighbourhood. I booked our half hour at 1 and was hoping no one would come to take our place, but sure enough, at 20 after, a big family arrived with a bag full of skates and helmets and gloves and sticks and pucks. Just like ours. We got off at 1.30, they got on. A lovely thing. But it has been a hard winter here, Alan, with more snow predicted tonight. The down side to Canada.

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