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Huckster PP sells Canadians on Fantasyland

Aren’t we lucky, Canadians? Pierre Poilievre has figured out a way to turn Canada into paradise, his kind of paradise. Here’s the Star report of a recent speech he gave here in Toronto: “Towards the end of his speech Poilievre described idyllic scenes of what life will be like under his government. Children skipping to school without fearing for their safety. Seniors waving at friendly shopkeepers. Parents calling their road-hockey-playing kids to bed. A young couple sitting on the porch, “soaking in the warm evening air, with a Canadian flag gently hanging from the front of their brand new home.”

Poilievre’s last words could barely be heard above the cheers,” reported the Star. Wow. He forgot to mention that every boy will get an adorable puppy and every girl a pony. The sound of the white picket fences being built will be deafening. What a reassuring image … of 1953.

Too bad it never existed. Just where we want to go as a society, you nasty petty lying little man — back many decades into an absurd, unattainable fantasy. Thanks, PP. I can’t wait to see how you sell this fake Disneyland idyll to my fellow citizens.

No, I take that back. I can wait. Really, please, I can wait a very, very long time.

Haven’t written in nearly a week; things piled up. Had a home class and the U of T classes, a dentist appointment, a showing for the admin people renting my house while I’m away, did a podcast interview for the interesting and lively Rhonda Douglas that I’ll post here when it drops. My Vancouver friend Judy was staying here for the weekend, so we watched the Oscars together. I always end up thinking, those are 3 plus hours I won’t get back, but still, it’s hard not to watch. Was thrilled The Last Repair Shop won — a beautiful, very moving short documentary by a Canadian — and any time the real world appeared on that stage, like the talk about peace in Gaza and Ukraine, and Jimmy Kimmel reading Trump’s hilarious tweet at the end. “Mr. President, isn’t it past your jail time?”

Here’s the repair shop film. Don’t miss it.

Patrick has been editing and sending me chapters of the audiobook, so I’ve been listening to my own voice telling some of my most important stories and have surprised myself by erupting, often, into tears. I guess it’s not so surprising — I’m writing, speaking, about divorce, the death of friends and parents, difficulties and struggles — and joys, there’s lots of laughter too. More listening today. More weeping and laughing.

And … this makes me feel famous … my words are on the back cover and the ad materials of Robin Pacific’s Skater Girl, a new memoir I loved and recommend highly. Nice to lavish praise on a terrific book, available, pre-release, at Amazon and Indigo. My own, four months after its launch, is STILL only available from Ben McNally Books, Mosaic Press, and me. Only the publisher knows why. Makes me sad and mad. The ebook is now available for Kindle and Kobo; Ben will be happy to send the print book to you, and if you want a dedicated copy, so would I. Let us know.

An excerpt from a review on Amazon: “Beth Kaplan brings a sharp wit, a generous heart and a keen eye for character to her story of rekindling purpose and connection in the tumult of midlife.” And another, also five star: “Because this book was out of print for so long on Amazon, I had to search elsewhere to find a copy. It was worth the effort! I loved this book. Some of the tales are poignant, all are witty, some laugh-out-loud funny, and all uplifting and packed with wisdom. It’s a book that provides good medicine for these troubled times, but in a wonderfully entertaining package. I highly recommend it—and in fact, my Christmas shopping has just been taken care of. No higher praise than that!”



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