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La La Land and the blog’s tenth anniversary

The mild gloom of this strange January continues – no sun but no snow either, just an icing sugar frosting today. I did a yoga class on Monday which I guess was tougher than I realized – had a great class at Ryerson but couldn’t sleep afterwards for hip pain and was hobbling like an old lady today. Still, went to meet my good friend and fellow writer Stella Walker, both of us bringing pages of current writing to discuss – invaluable, her eye on my work, and, I hope, mine on hers. Much more rewriting to be done. Stella is perhaps the only person on earth who has laboriously learned both Yiddish and Cree. She is not only a writer but an actress, a singer, a singing teacher and a painter. Extraordinary.

And then off to cheer myself up – with one horror after another coming from the States and the sky a constant slate grey, I needed a good movie, and boy, did I see one – La La Land. LOVED IT. Absolutely delightful. Yes, they are not Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire, but Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling are charming and skilled, the story had a twist at the end that brings an ache to the heart, and the music is glorious. All in all, the perfect movie for January. Or any other month, for that matter. I had a rapturous chat with one of the young ushers at Cineplex as I was leaving – he saw my dewy eyes and grinned and we nearly clutched each other while going on about how much fun it was.

Give yourself a treat. And remember that Ryan Gosling learned to play the piano for the film, and he is Canadian and a superstar. And adorable, even if his eyes are a bit too close together. They’re both adorable. Thanks guys, I needed that.

And finally, a thrill: received the email below from my friend George Hume. Ten years! Ten years of my blabbing. I love this blog. It takes lots of time and it pays nothing, but here I am, and here I shall remain. Onward!

If I am not mistaken, today marks 10 years of blogging.



3 Responses to “La La Land and the blog’s tenth anniversary”

  1. Mita says:

    Congrats Beth on 10 years of blogging!! Amazing!!

  2. theresa says:

    Yes, congratulations! I love reading your posts in all their quotidian and rich detail.

  3. beth says:

    Thanks, Mita and Theresa, for your eyes on the words. And thanks to George for noticing the anniversary, which had escaped my notice. I started the blog as a way to publicize my first book, with no idea how to proceed – as you can see to the left, the number of posts grew from 18 in 2007 to 400 in 2012 (must have been a particularly momentous year – oh yes, I think there was a birth …) It's always odd when I meet people I've never met, blog followers who say, "I feel like I know you." But I love it. Only one word for the future: Onward.

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