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Please read Glenn Wheeler’s editorial in the Sunday “Star”

A wonderfully quiet, hot Victoria Day, listening to the noisy birds, a tinny radio at a distance, right now a small plane chugging overhead. Did some gardening and some writing and a lot of sitting looking at green things grow. And, of course, reading – trying to get through the “How to file” book but you know, I think I’m going to have to file it under “way, way too organized for me.”

Finally got to the newspapers. Yesterday’s “Star” had one of the most important op-ed pieces I’ve ever read. Glenn Wheeler, a Liberal, writes about the coalition government in England, and points out that unless the Liberals and the NDP come to some sort of similar arrangement here, we are condemned to the Tories – “the most right-wing and reactionary government in living memory” – “social conservatives slowly remaking the country according to their own political vision.”
He begs the NDP and the Liberal parties to get ready to form some sort of coalition unless there’s a Tory majority after the next election, because it’s clear that neither party can combat the Tories effectively alone. “It’s not hyperbole,” he finishes, “to say the future of Canada as we know it rests on the outcome of the next election. People of conscience – NDP and Liberal – please stand up.”
HEAR HEAR HEAR HEAR HEAR HEAR HEAR! I could not agree more. It’s tragic that the left is splintered into uselessness, while the big blue Tory machine marches along on the right, moving further and further right with each passing day. Ignatieff is unelectable and so is Layton, and yet Canadians have made clear that they don’t want ol’ ice blue eyes to have a majority. At least a coalition would stop him from further destroying our country, giving the Liberals time to finally – can they do it? – choose a new leader who will be able to lead a united party, appeal from coast to coast and win an election. Bob Rae, say. Just a suggestion.
Can you do it, Jack and Iggy? Put personal and party ego aside for the sake of the future of Canada? We beg you.



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