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My friend Ron Rosenes died on Saturday. He was a medical miracle – had contracted HIV in the late seventies and spent the next four plus decades, despite a few health issues, advocating for fellow survivors. A kind, generous man. We were in a play together in 1969; in this damaged shot, we’re arm in arm in front of a gesticulating Peter Blais, also still a dear friend. Thank you for all you did for the world, Ron. A great loss for us all.

It’s bizarrely mild for the end of October – 19 degrees! Saw a woman out yesterday in jogging bra and shorts. Amazing. Weird. Worrying. The bulbs are planted, the furnace checked, the bird-feeders filled; I’m getting ready for winter, if it ever comes.

Brevity Blog published my piece about the journey to Midlife Solo yesterday. I’m a huge fan of the great Dinty Moore, one of the godfathers of creative nonfiction and founder of the online mag Brevity. Very happy to be on his site.

Participants and audience members have been sending lovely messages about So True. Mary wrote, It is a unique and deeply powerful event that always leaves me and the people I bring along in awe and feeling enriched. So much appreciation for our fearless, talented and funny leader and guide, Beth, and for wonderful Jason, who shares his energy and positivity so generously.

Thank you, Mary! About Jason, so true. About moi, fearless most definitely not; funny, I try; talented, who knows. It’s a family trait, though, to be an animator, to know how to keep an audience engaged. Dad knew, I know, Sam knows, Anna too, in a different, less show-offy way. It’s genetic. The animator gene. Glad to have it.

PS Just got a royalty report for last month from Findaway Voices, one of the sites that lists my audiobook of Loose Woman. I am to receive a royalty of $.67. US. Woo hoo. On the other hand, a royalty report from Iguana, which has three of my books: in six months, 74 print and e-books sold. Royalties of $205.79 CDN. All that talent, humour, and fearlessness pays off big time. I’m rich!

PPS The trees too are almost ready for winter, in all their scarlet, puce, tangerine,  and golden glory.



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