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“In and Of Itself” with Derek DelGaudio: highly recommended

I’ve had a headache and mild sore throat for a few days. Paranoia stalks. It must be a cold – there’s no fever, and it hasn’t gotten worse. But these days, anything is cause for alarm. Except for the miracle – there were two emails this morning telling me that Sunnyside Hospital, in the far north of the city, had set up an online registry for the vaccine for Toronto residents 70 and older. I logged in immediately and was accepted into the system. There’s no guarantee this will lead to a vaccination, they wrote back, but at least something is moving in our glacial system. I felt guilty taking the place of someone older and more at risk, but thought – if I get the vaccine, I can be useful to family and friends. 

The days flow by, one into another: teaching, writing, cooking, eating, walking, looking out the window, watching television in the evening. The other night, the film Irresistible, written and directed by my beloved Jon Stewart, a satire on the American political system, a bit lame but heartfelt, he can do no wrong in my book. Last night, the truly extraordinary In and Of Itself, a one man show with the amazing Derek DelGaudio. I had no idea what to expect, had simply read praise, and was startled at every turn – it’s deeply moving autobiography, incredible magic tricks, it’s therapy and Buddhist mysticism – like nothing you’ve ever seen, don’t miss it.

One of my main tasks is keeping myself awake in the long dark cold evenings. Now that I’m getting up a bit earlier and have a long busy day with wine at dinner, I’m ready to curl up and snooze at 7, but need four more hours of activity. It’s winter, we should be hibernating. But we are not bears. 

I watched a bit of the Golden Globes Sunday. Re the magnificent Jane Fonda: I’ll have whatever she’s having! (Except for the surgery.) What an admirable 83-year old woman. While watching, I saw a most horrifying thing: there’s now a credit card for children called GoHenry. They pretend it’s to teach children about money, but it shows small children gleefully checking their balance and how much they have left to spend. Can you imagine? Turned my stomach. Criminal. Like the ads that show cars screeching along city streets, speeding on highways, smashing through underbrush – should be illegal. Okay, your rant for today. 

Two nice things follow. The Leguin quote is the subtext of my Beatles book All My Loving. Cheers. 



2 Responses to ““In and Of Itself” with Derek DelGaudio: highly recommended”

  1. theresa says:

    I wonder if you've read Benjamin Moser's bio of Susan Sontag, Beth? It's strange and long and kind of riveting, if something so heavy as one reads it, propped up on pillows, can rivet. I never cared for her novels. Her other books, esp. the one on illness, I found very interesting. Her life? I'm trying to decide. Was it happy? Should I admire her? I don't know anyone who's read it and I find myself wishing I did.

  2. beth says:

    No, sorry, Theresa, have not. I too find her work hard to take, her fiction unreadable. I'll put the bio on my list, but the list is long – three library books I'd had on hold just came in simultaneously, of course, so I've got lots of reading in the weeks to come.

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