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marching for Ukraine

Proud of this city, this country, and so grateful we live here and not in a place where my family is rushing to escape, or sending young men to fight, a vicious psychopathic invader. So

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David Sedaris: Carnival of Snackery

After that last gloomy post, here’s something to cheer you up. I just finished Carnival of Snackery, David Sedaris’s diary excerpts, which had me chuckling before bed for a few weeks. Here’s a typical anecdote:

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my Ukrainian family

More snow, and looming world war. What a winter. A student who’s lived in Russia says Putin is Hitler and things will get much worse, that the brainwashed Russian people have no idea what’s going

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Parallel Mothers at TIFF

Monday, for a bit, felt like life returning: a movie and dinner downtown for the first time in, what, a year or more? No, Ken and I saw a movie some months ago and dined

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Two friends who read “Correspondence” wrote to say I’d made them cry. Not sure that’s something to be proud of! But this does make me proud, a reader who posted on the Full Grown People

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the PDF of “Correspondence”

Fresh snow. It’s so beautiful at first, nothing lovelier than a tree coated with a delicate layer of white. Before disgusting human beings go out with their dogs and garbage and befoul it all.  Police

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“Secret” essay in Full Grown People

Okay, more tears. It’s 8 a.m. on one of the most miserable days of the winter, surely – dark and raining, the ground covered with filthy snow. But I am warm in my kitchen, with

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yes, suffering from graphomania

I don’t know how to explain my current burst of energy and even – dare I say it? – confidence. Maybe it’s winter, nothing else to do. Or being 71 and seeing time vanish. Some

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trying to talk to an anti-vaxxer – sigh

Blowing own horn department: feedback from the master class week was wonderful. Nice to be a “lovely lady”! The essay book went to a printer this morning, so I can edit it on paper. And

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