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O blessed day

Just learned this:
6th of July 1957 – Paul McCartney meets John Lennon
58 years ago!

Colourized, I guess – beautiful. There they are, the yin and the yang of contemporary rock music. Thank you, gods that be, for this encounter that has brought such joy to so many.

Watched a bit of the Andy Murray-Roger Federer semi-final match at Wimbledon yesterday, to honour my mother the tennis fanatic, who would have been torn; as a Brit, she would have wanted to be for Murray, but she adored Fed, and I’m sure she would have rooted for him. I can’t watch too much, because it’s two guys hitting a small ball back and forth to each other. Only fun if you’re watching with your mother who’s fluttering with excitement and tension.

Then watched the opening ceremonies of the PanAm games last night – an incredible show put on by Cirque du Soleil, with dancers from around the world, gorgeous video and their usual mind-boggling acrobatics. The city is pulsating with testosterone – there are more than six thousand young athletes in town. Riding my bike near the Athlete’s Village today, I ran into a group of them from Mexico. “Welcome to Canada!” I cried and we waved. Later, 8 Canadian team members, guys in their red jerseys with the prominent maple leaf, got onto my streetcar. What kind of local sports team is 100% white? The healthiest looking human beings I’ve ever seen – tall, lean and muscly with blindingly white teeth, radiant with energy, buzzed to the max. Two weeks of this! I went to the Distillery this afternoon to hear some of the free music, part of the arts programming – a great rock cover band.

There’s so much going on, insane, it’s impossible to choose. I don’t give a @#$#@ about the sports, but it’s great to feel the city even more alive than usual and full of appreciative tourists. The weather today could not have been more perfect.

Went across town to have dinner with both my children and grandson, a rare occurrence, though in the end Sam had to leave for work half-way through. I marvel, as I always do, at how these two human beings who came out of my body could not be more different, physically anyway. But in what matters, they are alike – both honest, loyal, funny, much loved. Eli is one lucky kid. He spent the afternoon at a great playground with his friend Finn, had dinner with his adored uncle “stinkbutt” – then home to find his two favourite “aunties,” Anna’s bffs Holly and Nicole, both visiting. I ran him a bath and when he got in, Holly came to play with him. I tried to wash him, and he said, politely, “I don’t want you to be here, Glamma.”

OKAY! Got that. The aunties are much more fun. I’m glad he’s honest.

Anna’s bag is packed. I kissed her enormous tummy, felt the foot sticking out here, the leg kicking there, and told him it’s time. Onward!



4 Responses to “O blessed day”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I admire your daughter. It's courageous to have kids on your own (not that she's literally on her own). It's courageous to have kids, period. I regret not trying harder to have at least one child 20 years ago. I'll never have grandchildren.


  2. beth says:

    It's true, Juliet, that it takes blind faith in the future and a ridiculous amount of courage and energy to have kids. However, it's also extremely easy to take the first step, which is why there are now seven billion people on the planet. It's obvious from your blog that you are a wonderful aunt and friend to many children. Aunts are vital. Look at mine – now my closest family relationship with my 95 year old aunt, who has been dear to me all my life.

  3. Kerry C says:

    1) My favourite fact about the day that John and Paul met was that The Quarrymen were playing Come Go With me by the Del Vikings. I love that song.
    2) I've been checking in for updates on your baby! Looking forward to your good news and thinking of you. xo

  4. beth says:

    Thanks, Kerry. I didn't know the song they were singing that day – the Del Vikings, what a great name, wonder who came up with that?
    I've been following your summer pleasures. Yes, Anna is hot and huge and more than ready, but it seems her second son is not. So we wait. Stay tuned.
    Happy July.

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