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“Egypt Station” and “Colette” – divine

Many enormous pleasures today. I should feel guilty about enjoying anything as our world crumbles, but what the hell, what good would being miserable do? So – pleasure. The market this morning – honeycrisp apples,

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Christine Blasey Ford, speaking for us all

I can’t look away – have been live-streaming the human drama emanating from Washington this morning, as Christine Blasey Ford, who looks exactly like a nice Republican woman – almost all Republican women, as well

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one more adventure

Electricity! Light, power sockets that function, hot water, what grand luxuries awaited me when I got home. I’m in bed with computer, phone, newspapers, and my latest library book, Atul Gawande’s “Being Mortal: Medicine and

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on top of everything else: a tornado!

6 p.m. Saturday. A surreal experience, this little weekend trip to Ottawa. Who could predict that a tornado would hit just after I got to town? The bus trip from Montreal was slow but painless

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Macca forever!

A quick update from the Monteal bus station. Here’s what’s happening: I am sick, my phone isn’t charging properly, and the bus to Ottawa I came to get is full, there’s another in an hour

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The Gospel of Saint Paul

At last, the world is waking up to a powerful truth I have known for decades but others have been slow to acknowledge – that John Lennon, though a musical genius, in no way compares,

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our dictator

The beautiful weather has returned, blessedly. I was sitting here after lunch with the back door wide open when I heard a strange splashing noise and finally located it – a plant saucer left on

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