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hooray, Queen’s Quarterly, and let’s dance!

You know I’m generally a cheerful person, in part because I’ve been lucky in life, so far, and I take nothing for granted. This morning, I was exceptionally, nauseatingly cheerful. (Many sparrows crowded in the

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finding a champion

An image to keep you cool – a friend sent this from the Alaska highway. It’s chilly here, she said.  Hours of gardening today – everything is overgrown or falling over or invading something else.

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a lesson in Instagram

Received a nice rejection this morning from a magazine I’d sent an essay to: Thank you for your submission. Unfortunately, we don’t see a place for it at this time. We did, however, enjoy reading your pitch,

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The Chair

This country is going through an election, and I’ll have to stop listening to the news. The sniping and insulting and boasting and absurd promises that can never be kept – they make me sick.

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“a gentle joy”

I think the word for the air is ‘soupy’. I have been running the AC for the first time this summer, for survival. Time to go out to water and pick some chard for dinner.

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Cabbagetown apartment to rent

Friends, my basement flat will soon be available again. A friend moving from Vancouver has taken it for a month, but it’s empty as of Nov. 1 or even possibly mid-October. Please forward to anyone

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Ingersoll visit, book club heaven

It’s summer and busy — visiting time. On Monday we rented a car and drove with the boys to Ingersoll, Ontario, the small town where my old friend Lani (featured several times in Loose Woman)

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garden love

Be still my beating heart. What a welcome sight this is! I was away five days, and since getting back, it’s taken two days to wrestle the garden to order – pruning, staking, cutting the

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Sky Ladder and goodbye

After a gloomy morning, yesterday turned into the most beautiful day of all. I’m hanging onto every moment because I go home soon. What’s especially magical here is that we are on an 18-acre island

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My Happy Family – highly recommended

Last day in paradise. After two days of threatening warnings of thunderstorms that never came, leaving us with perfect sunny weather, today is grey and drizzly. We may not be tromping through the forest or

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